Alaina Jane - 570 Blog Showcase

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Alaina Jane - 570 Blog Showcase

Modeling and More with Alaina Jane

From a young age, photoshoots often caught the attention of Alaina Jane. Meeting with like-minded individuals kept fueling her passion to learn and better her craft. After absorbing as much knowledge as possible, Jane decided to break into the world as an aspiring model and entrepreneur.  Now after years of experience in the modeling and marketing industries, Jane offers services to help those looking to break into those fields. 

“I started offering services like model/ pose coaching, social media management, as well as photoshoot consultations helping models, photographers, or individuals plan photoshoots and connect with the professionals needed to bring their vision to life,” said Jane. 

"My business will continue to reflect my vast range of interests and grow alongside me, and that really excites me.”

While working a marketing job a few years ago, Jane says she learned an infinite amount about marketing and how to create an engaging online platform. With her position she found modeling and her mentor at the time encouraged her to set up a professional photoshoot. The goal in mind for the shoot was to make Jane’s social media platform into a business store front. 

I scheduled my first photoshoot with a girl who lived locally and it started opening doors I hadn’t known were waiting for me to walk through. After my first photoshoot when I received the edited images I blushed like a little girl seeing myself in the eyes of the photographer because this experience pushed me wildly out of my comfort zone and forced me to find confidence and beauty in myself,” said Jane. 

Following that photoshoot, connecting with local talent came easy to Jane. Through these ventures she says she found friendship and a passion for a myriad of different fields in the modeling industry.

What is your dream? 

To become my own boss and to work in fashion, and at the age of 26 my dreams haven’t changed, they've just adapted. I originally started working toward my goal of becoming my own boss when I started as a distributor with the previously mentioned fitness brand, but I quickly realized even as a distributor I was still working for and selling someone else’s dreams and that wasn’t part of the plan I had in mind for myself. After quitting that side hustle I focused solely on modeling for a year and a half which reignited my love for fashion as it helped me hone in on my personal style as well as my creative style,” said Jane. “I started applying to agencies, connecting with signed models, and taking virtual modeling classes to further my knowledge on the industry. My goal for modeling is still to get signed with an agency, be featured in fashion campaigns, grace the runways of fashion week, and anything else that allows me to be part of the fashion community while channeling my spunky personality in front of a camera. I’m not the type of person who loves attention, but when I get to wear art, be part of a creative concept, and a camera is focused on me, I fully come alive.”

However, modeling is not the only thing Jane invests her talent into. After recently breaking her ankle and having surgery, she hosted a workshop called Getting Comfortable in Front of the CameraI. During the seminar, Jane gave tips on how to create content, connect with photographers and how to pose. All of this was done so that Jane could improve her entrepreneurial skills while physically unable to model.  

“At this time I’m learning how to use my vast knowledge and interest in curating photoshoots and content to help others develop themselves in similar areas,” said Jane. 

But when it comes to how Jane found herself in this role, it was not a straight path. She cites multiple months of modeling for fun and free while also debating about applying to modeling agencies. Jane even cites those early conversations she had with locals talents that influenced her decisions.

I think that’s really important to share with a creative community, these pieces don’t fall together when we want them. We slowly take steps forward, and sometimes take steps back, but what we never let go of is our love and commitment to the art we’re creating because it makes us feel alive, it makes us feel seen and connected to ourselves and our community,” said Jane

At the end of the day, business is business though. Jane says sometimes a random job falls into her lap or she might be asked to feature in a creative blog. Whether she is helping create content or inspiring others to create content, Jane says she feels empowered by her actions. 

What tips do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?

“The best advice I can give upcoming entrepreneurs is to keep your blinders on, be patient, and enjoy the process. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and to compare your progress to someone else’s, but what they’re doing doesn’t matter. You have to stay laser focused on your own lane because what’s meant for you will come to you. If you’re always worried about getting to the next level, or when your break is going to happen you miss the moments in between where you’re connecting with others, building the foundation, and everything else that’s happening for you right now," said Jane. “Use those around you doing things you want to do as inspiration, not competition. Nobody has it figured out the first time around, and nobody expects you (except you) to create a successful business or career overnight. Above all else, please never ever give up on yourself and your goals. If you want something, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. Go get it, you owe it to yourself."


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