BMAR - The 570 Blog Showcase

BMAR - The 570 Blog Showcase

By Jordan Slobodinsky

As we continue to tell the story of the modern creator, we shift our focus once more to Harrisburg, PA. This area, often referred to as the 717, has become a major source of young and upcoming creators. One of those creators being BMAR, a 22-year old hip-hop artist/producer from the area. While creating music and making it a living is often the main goal of creators, BMAR looks at it in a different light. Instead he believes his musical talent to be a gift. 

“Being able to freely express yourself through art and music brings me to a place of abundance. Knowing that you can create something that can change other people's lives and your own life is a crazy feeling,” said BMAR. 

When trying to get your name in the open, how important is branding?

Branding is everything to me, it sets your intention and showcases your whole movement and motive as an artist. It provides context and trust to your audience which is the most important part of being an artist and having a business,” said BMAR. 

Along with obviously wanting long-term success, BMAR says that goals being met help him to continue his craft. In the most basic form, BMAR says he wants to influence people in a positive way. Being timely with music releases is also a goal of his. He acknowledges that with more consistent releases, the other goals will start coming naturally. 

What is one thing you know now, that you wish you would have known when you started out?

“Every second of this journey is necessary. Back then, I would want success & every goal of mine to be reached instantly, but as time went on I realized you have to go through those times in order to grow and progress in the direction you want to,” said BMAR. 

While he knows it isn't easy to get started as a young artist, BMAR still thinks he has some advice to offer to younger artists. 

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone wanting to become an artist would be to do what you truly want to and always follow your gut. It's easy to get influenced by other people and current trends but you have to remember why you started doing this in the first place. For the love and passion for the craft."

In terms of discovering creativity, BMAR invested himself into music and honed his craft. He truly believes that following your intuition and creating something that is special to you, makes you an artist. Not numbers, but emotional impact and effort are the driving factors BMAR believes in. 

“In 5 years I hope to be an established musician in the industry making the art I want to. Along with that I want to be able to support my family and loved ones financially. Finally, I really just want to be a positive influence to the world. My mantra is ‘Real Music For Real People." 

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