Bold - Lifestyle of an Artist

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Bold - Lifestyle of an Artist

The lifestyle of an artist is something we all find interesting. From the day to day aspects and constant growth of creativity, an artist lifestyle can differ from the norm - and with today's blog cover, we dive into a unique story of an artist who goes by the name of Bold. 

Who is Bold?

"I was born and raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. I've been in love with music since I can remember, literally. My father ran a pretty well known music organization called "Strong Arm Family", and one of the studios they used was in the house we stayed at. I remember being told to stay downstairs, and watch TV while they would be upstairs recording, and I would sneak up to the top of the steps and peek into the room on occasion. I don't know what my fascination is with music, but it's something that I can't imagine life without. In 5th grade, I joined band as a percussionist. That's where I learned how to count BPM, read notes, and find rhythms.

In 7th grade, they introduced us to a Jazz band, which was like a divaricate from being in the school band. This was the year that I was able to really show people that I had a gift. Aside from earning the role of one of the main drummers for the band, I also started learning how to read music sheets, while playing the xylophone, vibraphone and marimba.

Our music teacher gave us the freedom to express ourselves through improvisation as well as building us a seperate room, in which we could create music during our free times in school. It's funny talking about this, it's bringing back such a nostalgic feeling, almost like I'm there again. During these periods, a select few of us would gather and have jam sessions. Kenny, Margret and I were the ones who always seemed to push each other the most though. Although it was always friendly, the competition was definitely real haha, everyone wanted to be THAT ONE, ya know? Margret was hands down the most disgusting drummer I had ever met. Something about when she sat down on a drum kit... It's like she'd become one with it, and that always made me secretly strive to want to become better."

What does being an artist mean to Bold?

"Being an artist to me, is about more than just being the best. It's about more than just wanting fame and fortune. Being an artist to me, is freedom. When I lock into the stu, I no longer stress about the outside world. It seems like the outside world is so hateful and chaotic. It's a spiteful loud noise that never comes to an end, until the headphones cover my ears. The silence that I get from that very moment, is pure bliss. I'm no longer someone who has to worry about my image, or worry about facing judgment of any sort. The body all but disappears and now it's my soul, free to paint an audio picture, however I see fit. I don't think I can go a day without listening to myself either. I've found that my music is my spirit speaking. Sometimes I'm amazed by it myself, because that transformation that you feel when you step up to the microphone, is a sensation that only few will understand."

What is your latest work? What does music mean to you? What influenced you to create it?

"My latest song to date, as of November 12th is Regretful Wishes. I've been trying to stop being over analytical with myself, and gatekeeping my music. With that being said, I'm hoping to continue to drop on an every Wednesday and Friday basis. Music to me, is everything. Imagine a world without music. Whether walking in the store, driving, watching tv, commercials, advertisements, sports events etc... It's something that's extremely hard to do. With me, I love all genres of music, for the simple fact of, it's all beautiful when you really take the time to dissect it. I'm not saying you're going to like every country song if Lil Baby is your favorite artist, but don't be so quick to never listen to something. At the end of the day, the least you can do is give the artist props for creating, because I promise you it's not easy, regardless of how we make it look. I'd say that I honestly encouraged myself to make music, with help from my best friends. In about 5th grade, I started writing poetry, and by the next year, I got so good at it that I was lowkey writing all the poems that dudes were giving to the girls lmao. As we got older, the poetry started turning into bars, and I'd trade them around with my close friends from time to time. Of course, I was laughed at, to the point where I quit making music for years, but I always had a select few people in my ear, telling me that I was nice, and to pick it back up. Shoutout my guys man. They know who they are."

What are you doing now? Goals for 2023 / 2024? What will you provide for your fans?

"Currently I'm engineering out of Connected Sound, in Chambersburg. The beginning of November made a year for me locking in, and it's been a great experience. DJ Rello had reached out to me about an opportunity, and I haven't stopped running with it since. If you're in the 717 and you're looking for a place to lock in, we're DEFINITELY one of the top places to be. As the year comes to an end, I'm relatively satisfied with the goals I've achieved. I was able to stop attending a typical 9 to 5 job, and work for myself, on my time, and it's truly a blessing. I plan to continue to strive to improve myself daily, not only in my career, but physically, mentally and spiritually. I strive to be the best me I can be, every single day. Just know the music is coming! I can't guarantee a project date, but since I've been locking in with more and more producers, something is for sure in the works."

What is your view on the music scene? Name some influences in the music game you look up to.

"The lifestyle that we live is not all that the average person would think it is. It looks GREAT, on Instagram. It's stressful, for every reason you can think of. The attention that you get from it is cool and all, but it's only really glorified by the ones who don't really have any motion. I love all of my supporters, without a doubt about that, but sometimes it'd be nice to be able to go somewhere without people drawing attention to you. It's a contradicting thing too, because I was tired of being in the shadows all the time. So it's like, I have to take it on the chin lmao. This is what I wanted, and I know as my career progresses, it's only going to get worse. I have to shout out my pops and DJ Rello. Even though my pops doesn't do too much within the industry anymore, he taught me everything I know about it. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to level up the way that I have been. He's truly been a blessing forreal. With Rello, it's inspiring to see him doing the exact thing that I always wanted to do; Create a place for people within the industry to connect. The obstacles that come with doing things like this aren't always easy, but Rello has a "make it happen" mentality. Things aren't always going to run smoothly, nor exactly how you planned, but it's still up to you to make it happen."

How will you make an impact? What do you want long term?

My impact within those that I interact with is undeniable. I have nothing but respect, encouragement and knowledge to spread to those I'm connected with. The same will go for every new person I link with in the future. I'm just a rare energy that's highly contagious. As far a long term, I just want a house in the cut, with a nice yard, some land to ride on, and a well equipped studio detached from the house itself. I want my folks' bills to be paid, and to be out the way. That's it. I don't give a fuck about any of the other clout shit that these dudes be caught up on.

What is your purpose?

"That's a question I'll have to answer when I figure it out. lol."

What do you think of your flow and character as an artist?

"I'm him. If I say anything else, I'm going to sound egotistical. I love what I do, and I love what I create."

What do you have to say to the younger generations?

"You can deadass do whatever you want to do in life. It sounds cliche, almost like 'well then how come everyone else doesn't do something special?' They don't do anything special, because it takes a special kind of dedication to be able to manifest your thoughts into reality. At the end of the day, YOU are the only one that can truly save yourself. YOU are the one responsible for finding out who YOU are in this life. YOU are the one that has to learn to love yourself, and keep telling yourself to push forward. It's not an easy task, by any means, but if you master it, you'll find true peace within."

What are you looking forward to this coming year?

"I'm trying to make some shit shake mannn. This coming year has got to be the one where at least ONE of my tracks does some numbers. With the vast discography that I have, it's only a matter of time. They're just all soaking in fuel right now, and once that spark hits, everything is going up! Mark my words."

Who would you like to work with?

"I'd like to work with anyone who is genuinely interested in working with me. If it's someone who wants to base the interaction solely around money, I'm cool off it. I've never been a dick rider or clout chaser, and I'm not going to start being one either. If I'm working with someone, it's gotta be for the love of the art. Anything else is dead."

On top of shouting out Bold, we'd like to thank all of the artists and creatives that have joined our blog - but most importantly, we want to thank our community of people that have invested their time and love into Mod570. 

Chase your dreams, you never know what might happen. 

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