Coolieinthecuts - Speed Dial

Coolieinthecuts - Speed Dial


By Jordan Slobodinsky

Becoming ones true self is a concept that is sometimes hard to grasp. Whether you are making music or creating a business venture, finding the best parts of your creation can be hard. Featured artist Coolieinthecuts often finds that being an artist can be described with some very simple, yet enlightening words.

“Just unapologetically be yourself. I think it’s just a creative person in any field willing to try something different to make something they feel somebody else needs to [witness],” said Coolie.

As for his venture, Coolie recently released the single Speed Dial. The song emphasizes the idea of staying true in the scene, as Coolie admitted he’s still with the same friends as usual. Staying with those sharing his vision.

“It’s funny actually how that song came about, because it was just an internet conversation between an old situation and they just seemed to be a lil' more interested now,” said Coolie.

Though the single has dropped, he says he is in no rush to drop an album or mixtape. Deciding instead to take 2022 as a year to develop more singles and possible enter the music video field.

“As far as goals for the rest of this year it’s just creating more and networking more that might be one of my biggest flaws as a creative,” said Coolie.

Who’s someone that inspired you?

“As far as underground music I think it’s a lot of new vibes and a lot of crazy talented artist male and female. Not really of them I’d say I look up to, but as far as main stream artist go I feel like it’s a lot of the same thing going on,” said Coolie. “It sounds good though. A couple of my favorite artist mainstream wise would be Drake, Future, Cudi, The Weeknd - (but more like old weeknd lol), and 50 cent. I feel like they all made an imprint in the music and culture that will never be forgotten.”

Like previously mentioned, the focus is on singles for the time being. But the end goal is not out of sight for Coolie. Citing that he just wants to make hits that people can relate to, maybe even play at a cookout.

"I honestly just want to be able to travel and be happy from seeing what it looks like when I pop out in a new city, basically I just want to make timeless bops that somebody can show they grandkids at a cookout lol"
How do you feel about your flow and character?
"I feel like I be here and there with flows, it really depends on the mood I’m in I might get in my bag and melodic, or just feel like taking it back to the freestyle vibe. Character wise I feel like My music gives off nonchalant but maybe toxic lol"
What do you have to say to aspiring artists?
"It’s more to life than ya street and city. Experience life outside of what society told you was the normal. Also to the mfs coming up in music keep making new lanes b/c these new genres of music are crazy."

What does the future hold for you?

“I’m looking forward to growth, I’ve been hopping out the cuts and not being as anti social and introverted. So I’m excited to see where new relationships and new music go from here.”

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