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Don't Look Back - A 570 Blog

Don't Look Back - Ben Webby

Following a dream is one thing. Seeing that dream become a reality is another. Starting back in February 2021, artist Ben Webby began piecing together an EP for his music career. Coming from a dark mental state, Webby says somehow his music still let him feel happy.

"I could pull these happy scenarios out of my head which was in a total opposite place. It was a very fun project. Throughout all of the writing and positivity I was putting into my songs, eventually I felt as though I was dragging myself out of that negative headspace I was in. By the time I played the final track, I felt as if I were a completely new person. I'm still working on some things with myself, but I just want to show everybody that no matter if you are in a good or bad place, whatever you internalize will come true," said Webby.

The five month project was produced by Webby himself, except for one song with the collaboration of his friend Zig. The EP features a collaboration with artist LD Meyer, one of Ben's longtime creative partners.

"My favorite song off of this project is 'Out To Play'. This is a super happy song, and it was super fun to record. This song is essentially a manifestation, although some of the lyrics throughout relate to my everyday life," said Webby Throughout the creation process. Webby stated he made a routine that helped create what he believes people will enjoy.

His methods included late night recordings and solo sessions. "I like recording in a late night environment because it feels as though time stops, and it makes me feel more engaged with what I’m working on," said Webby. When looking for inspiration during the creative process, Webby didn't have to look far. Positivity was where he says he looked during the creation of this EP. Whether from himself, family, friends or even a stranger.

"To say I’m always inspired would be a lie. I’m inspired by positivity," said Webby. Artist Background. I’ve been writing music since 2014, however I didn’t start releasing my music until 2017. I was never confident enough in myself. I plan on continuing to write music. It makes me feel whole and there isn’t a better feeling than when a fan hits me up saying how much they appreciate my music.

I have a new music video that released October 8th and have other content I will be releasing in the near future. My website,, contains merchandise and information on where to listen to my music. The link to the website can be found on any of my social media:

@benwebbyofficial for instagram and @benwebbyy on twitter.

I just dropped a Black & White merch collection, so be sure to check it out!

"Hit The Pedal" Music Video 

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