Genre - Music Artist - 001

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Genre - Music Artist - 001

Genre - Defining Ones Self

By Jordan Slobodinsky

Defining ones self is arguably one of the hardest parts of a persons life. Part of the definition of someones personality often times come from their music. Different music genres allow for us to experience different styles and discover our own style for music. But for Harrisburg artist, Genre, music became more than just a genre to find a love for. 

Genre is the honesty Harrisburg has been missing. He is pure transparency and the entertainer that the city has been lacking since the rap scene was created. He says what other young men his age are afraid to say. He is the guy who is not afraid of being himself no matter how it is perceived. He is the guy that loves being an additive force to his area. Being one of the loudest personalities around. Using his voice to advocate for what he believes to be Harrisburg sound. 

Recently releasing his album entitled “I Was Right”, Genre says this album was crucial for his development as an artist. While he previously released an album, he admits that it was a version of himself that was rough around the edges.  Though without that first album, Genre may not have been able to find that style that best suited him. 

“After conquering the negative battles in my life, I realized that it made my music sound a certain way. So I focused on keeping my life filled with good vibes, so that my music would reflect the same energy." 

Beyond being his second album, “I Was Right”, is also what Genre describes as an album that meant everything to him. Confidence in his abilities was not the question, as the previous album proved to him that he had the skill set. But with this new album, he found his inspiration in his own ordeals. 

“That project [I Was Right], meant everything to me. It was me proving that I had the skillset to do everything the big leagues require of its players. I knew I could rap, perform and entertain, but I had to ask myself if I had the ability to create an album that can please my fans from top to bottom, while stating true to myself and my sound,” said Genre. “I told myself that I just needed to listen to myself more. I am usually right about these things and it is just a matter of listening to the most important opinion, which is my own.”

Purpose. What is Genre's purpose in this all you may ask? Nothing short of being the best. A mindset that can take you to the next level.

"I came to the conclusion that my biggest mission in life is to entertain. In all aspects of my life, that has been the on aspect that has been overtly consistent. I was to born to make you feel. It took me a while to understand the gift I was given but now I know, I can focus on being the best."

Every creative, artist, producer, engineer.. and so on has their own flow / character, or at least a unique part to themselves - clearly seen within the modern day artist Genre. "I think there is a shortage of people who are able to rap. Conversely, there is an even bigger shortage of people who can rap and be true to themselves while bringing a new stylish element," Genre said.

So what is going on now within Genre's artist career you may ask?

"I took a small break from creating so I could give myself a little time and focus on finding new elements of myself and maturing as a person and, in turn, and artist. Currently, I am back in that mode that other rappers should be scared of. I'm building up so that when it's time to go to war, it's not even close."

When we asked Genre about his goals for 2022, taking his shows to a higher level was at the top of his list.

"I plan to try different types of shows to improve my showmanship. So often we get the exact same show with the exact same names. I'm trying to keep the people guessing so they never know what's coming. I hope to finish another album by the end of the year but, to top the last one I am going to need some time."

The fans are a vital part to an artist career, especially when it comes to shows and understanding your audience.. giving them what they want. Genre understands what they want - quality content, real life connection and a desire to showcase the new wave of the city. 

"The fans should expect what I've been giving them, which is great content and plenty of chances to connect with me along with their favorite locals. I'm already in the works planning a few shows to get people use to seeing what the new wave in the city is looking like."

The music scene is always changing with new trends and waves of different sounds.. so we wanted to hear what Genre's view on the current music scene was. 

"I think the game is in a great space for new artists. We have the world at our fingertips and endless ways to connect to people all around the world. I love the fact that in just this month alone, I was able to connect with fans from New York, Germany and the UK. Plenty of artists have made being weird the norm so, now more than ever artists are encouraged to be themselves. I'm very hopeful for the next few generations."

With big ideas and goals in front of him, Genre has the mindset and drive to make it happen. But overall, what will his impact be? 

"Too often we see people who don't deserve the spotlight shine above those with the talent and the drive to surpass them. I can't speak of any other city but Harrisburg so I'll use here as an example. I would love to be one of the most powerful gatekeepers. Gatekeepers usually only care about what can be popular and make money as opposed to what actually pushes the culture forward in terms of artistry. I've found some younger talent in the city and I plan on helping them develop with the hopes that they will be a part of what the city is known for."

What does Genre have to say about the younger generations? Take advantage in short.. and keep a dedicated team.

"To the ones who know what they're passionate about early, you already have an advantage. Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure that out and you have your destination already in the GPS. Understand that the road is long and nothing meaningful comes easy. While you are relaxing someone else is chasing down your dream and taking your lane from you. One of the most important things that keeps me focused is the group of guys I keep around me. They inspire me in ways I cannot begin to explain so make sure you find the right team for you."

Genre mentions in terms of collaborations that he has already worked with everyone he wanted to on a local level. His fans have been asking for Gloman, and it seems to be an idea that could have in the near future according to Genre. 

You can follow Genre on social media here, and better yet.. see him in person performing at the HMAC in Harrisburg, PA on June 4th - ticket link below.

PTWG Experience Event on June 4th - Tickets Here

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