Jokestar - The Life of Joke's

Jokestar - The Life of Joke's

The Joke's On Us

Interview 04 / Jaycee - Joke’s

Covering the latest is something we like to do. Whether it's new music, videos, creators or anything related to the Mod570 lifestyle - we are prideful in bringing you a different perspective.

While we like to bring in new artists and creators to the Mod570 scene, we also like to revisit and keep up with our past guests to support their growth over time. This article is to show that.

I met Jaycee back in 2020 at Doja Street Market (located at BLV Studios). At that point, I didn't realize he was into creating music - more so I had connected with him through his brand Joke's On The World.. buying a custom beanie at the market. Now I get to see his creations come into fruition alongside other rising artists. 

I sat down with Jaycee to talk about his music and vision as a whole these days. I could sense the passion behind his efforts just by speaking with him, and that's something I have respect for. The one thing that stands out to me though with Jaycee, is that he stands out - period. Introducing Jokestar - The Joke's On Us.

How did Jokestar come about?

"Jokestar started out as a dance brand name. It was basically my dance stage name at one point. However, I wanted it to be bigger, so eventually it became the symbol for what was going to be a non profit brand by 'teaching confidence through dance.' I was a hip-hop dancer for 10 years at that point, with hip-hop music and culture being the main inspiration behind the brand since the beginning. I eventually had a knee injury which ultimately led me to retiring from dance to exploring other expressions of art through hip-hop culture - that lead me to creating music myself. I decided to shift my focus - I retired the name Jokestar until November 2020," Jaycee said.

So what is the meaning behind Jokestar you might ask? 

“An individual, who despite being criticized or made fun of - sticks to their goals and eventually shines. I want to highlight the name and idea of sticking to your self that you will shine no matter what. Jokestar is more of a force - a definition rather than a ‘me’. There is not only one Jokestar.”

As for his latest work - The Life of Jokestar Vol. 2  released on April 1st 2022. The date being the 3rd anniversary of Joke's On Us clothing; A milestone project in his career as an independent artist transitioning from corporate America to independent.

On October 1st of 2021, Jaycee his quit job.. dropping his first music project TLOJ Vol. 1 - 6 months later dropping Vol. 2. He described the 6 months as an evolution to show what he could do through his music - basically a measure of growth  from project to project. Vol. 2 dropped on April 1st / April Fools intentionally to show how Joke's is more than just a brand but also a metaphor to relate how truth can be delivered through jokes or in this case Joke's. More defined and going in the direction of being more polished, focused, and having personality. The "Life of Jokestar" is an open diary to his life and world.

"I'm not sure how long it will go for the volumes of Jokestar, but I want to show consistency," Jaycee said.

At the present moment, it has been about 30 days since the EP dropped - with focus on doing promotion, merchandise drops for the tape and using his platforms to release more music to push.

"At the current moment I'm not really working on music much, I'm more so focusing on the fall collection of Joke's On The World with a fashion show in the works."

Providing for your fanbase is something we always like to discuss. It's important to connect with them through your work, but what does it mean to Jaycee?

"All for them, this is all for them.. It’s fun to be the artist but it’s a lot of work and stress. Everything is for the fans, I can’t wear all these clothes - I can only do so much. As artists we work on things like music, but it’s not going to be as valuable until you hear it. I want to make art that lasts and give my fans something that will be timeless.”

How does the major industry / local industry play a part from your perspective?

“I feel like the major industry is fragile right now, in a sense that the labels are losing power by the day - especially with Kanye out of contracts promoting independence and exposing contracts. The Industry has reflecting to do to maintain itself. As for the local industry, it's definitely interesting, I've been tapped out of it because I move in my own world doing Joke's shows - bringing talent together, seeing the artists that inspire me locally who deserve the recognition."

So how are you moving forward with music, clothing and shows overall?

"It's honestly grinding now at this point, it’s only a matter of time. It's inspiring; really inspiring to see where it is and how things currently stand, but I want to play my part for the inspiration in some form," said Jaycee. 

What do you think of your flow and character as an artist?

"Unique - which is cool because I wouldn’t have continued if I sounded like someone else. No matter how it sounds - just be original with your product. That’s important - developing over time, becoming more comfortable.. I didn’t know what a punch-in was, layering, etc. Learn the process."

Jaycee mentioned his process is to take one thing and test it out. Focus on one thing at a time.. like the direction it’s going. Learn more - that's the fun part about it. 

What do you have to say to the younger generations?

“Find what really inspires you, dig deeper and go below the surface. When artists take time to get inspiration, one way is to go and experience things like travel. The music becomes better and your energy / mental is better. Take time with it and don’t rush - trust your confidence. Overall, have a lot of courage and trust yourself."

Follow and support Jokestar on social media: - EP for sale with streaming coming soon

Next up is "T(rust) Joke's Collection - October Fall Release" & album release of "Joke's Re-Classified World Survival Guide." One year after the Vol. 1 EP debut.

"Clear your schedules October 1st - one year since the last EP." - Jokestar

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