Kota Quinn Handiworks - The 570 Blog Showcase

Kota Quinn Handiworks - The 570 Blog Showcase

By Jordan Slobodinsky

As we continue to tell the story of the modern creator, we want to show you all kinds of creativity. Music artists and clothing designers have a lot of that, but so do people who are more trade-skills oriented. Crafting high quality items from wood and epoxy takes time and patience to learn and master. Kota Quinn Handiworks is a team of two who handle creating the finest of woodwork. Run by Dakota Neff and her partner Quinn, they both specialize in certain projects. 

“I do smaller wood projects like signs. I also do resin crafts such as jewelry, wall hangings, decor and usable items. Plus I make candles and wax melts,” said Neff.

While Neff handles the smaller items, Quinn takes his skill set to larger tasks. Large wood and epoxy items are what he specializes in. Some of his projects include picnic tables, river tables and adirondack chairs. While the two differ in what they do, the goal is to make the best quality woodwork for their customers. 

How long have you been in business?

“We started practicing and dabbling around August 2020. We really just wanted to make handmade gifts for family and friends. With so much interest, we decided to take some orders. Before we knew it, we opened am Etsy shop in mid-October 2020,” said Neff. 

Being just a small operation, Neff & Quinn have to depend on themselves to operate efficiently. Not only do they have to attend to their day jobs but also balance parenting. Neff says that late nights and early mornings attribute to much of their success. 

“Seeing someone wear your jewelry, or have a family dinner at a table [wearing something] we made, it means so much. I couldn't begin to express how much it means to us."

How important is branding for you?

“Branding is very important. We want everyone to have trust in us, and our creations. That we'll work with in just about any way we can to make your visions come true,” said Neff. 

While branding and getting their name out there is important, the local scene has provided Neff and Quinn with plenty of work. Much like the work of other young creators, it is not easy here. The process is long and Neff says that it’s also messy. 

“Everything is a science. Resin must be mixed with equal proportions, while wearing proper PPE. It takes days to cure. Then the sanding, polishing, and final touches can happen. Wax must be heated to certain temps with the right amount of oils mixed in. Plus any decor like flowers or gems added at the right time so they seal in the wax."

This craft is something that takes time to perfect, and dedication to learn. Energy and time management were two key factors for Neff when learning how popular their items had become. 

Who are some people you look up to for as far as mentorship?

“We haven't actually talked to professionals about what we do. We rely on each other for ideas, help, and staying positive. Without one another, we couldn't do this business."

Coming from the area, Neff says that it means the world to them that people love their work. While a goal of theirs is to ship to every U.S. state at some point, seeing satisfied people in the area is holding them over well. 

What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the 570 community. 

“It is crazy. To us it means we're doing good and apparently we've had some positive reviews."

What must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business?

"Things will be slow, and it's okay! You're just starting, give it time and never stop creating!"

What’s an entrepreneur? Your own definition.

"Someone turning a new/favorite hobby, into something for others around the world to enjoy."

How to come up with a brand name? How did you create yours?

"We used our nicknames! Nothing wrong with making it more personal. Same with our logo. We do all our work living on the mountain, and it's our favorite place to be!"

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