Life Through Music - Jake FAD

Life Through Music - Jake FAD

Life Through Music - FAD

Think of Juice WRLD, Kid Laroi and add in a unique modern sound. This is what I first thought of when I heard Fad's music. I first heard it at Connected Sound's networking event earlier in the year when everyone was sharing new unreleased music to each other. That was a great experience and allowed others to network with each other as a community. If you want music that has melody, flow and story behind it with 808's hitting in the background; look no further. 

FAD is another artist to keep an eye on. Earlier in the year opening up for NLE Choppa, FAD was able to showcase his work and has been able to connect with other rising artists / public figures in the industry since. 

We interviewed FAD to introduce you to his story. This is one of our favorites so far. We hope you enjoy!

Who is FAD?

- My name is Jake Fadness aka FAD and I am a musical artist. My music is all about catching a vibe and capturing images in your head. I like to make music where it's similar to a movie and the listener can put themselves in the song and feel every word, instrument, and sound going on. I love to make music for people that don't just listen to music but really LISTEN music.

When did you start? and why?

- I was drawn to music at a young age where I found interest in playing the guitar and the piano. I took guitar lessons when I was in middle school then branched more into old school Hip-Hop just because my dad listened to some of that stuff. During my middle school years I would rap battle kids in the lunchroom and that's when I first became a fan of creating my own rhythm and rhymes. I didn't drop my first song until my sophomore year of high school and I only dropped the song because people told me I had music talent and I should capitalize on it. I had no plans of actually becoming a “rapper” at the time.

Soon I found a passion for recording and releasing my music to the public because of the feedback I received where people were moved by my music in different ways. 5 years later I can definitely say my music has changed slightly and I have now found my sound that drives my career.

What is your dream?

- My dream is to make music for the rest of my life without any financial worry. The most cliche answer every artist will give you is that they want to be famous and make money. Although, I feel a lot of that takes away from the music itself and I really I only do this because of my pure love for the art. Every person I meet tells me how famous they want me to be and how they can't wait for me to get big. That all sounds amazing to me but at the end of the day the most organic answer I can say is my dream is purely to make music. In reality I work on my dream every time I release a song and my dream gets one step closer every time someone clicks play.

What type of impact do you want to make culturally?

- Culturally I would like to make an impact on the hip-hop industry by bridging genre gaps and showing that not every hip-hop song is someone yelling into a mic. There is a lot of amazing talent in this world that never gets recognized due to the washed-out viral scene of hip-hop. I am from the middle of nowhere about thirty minutes out from Harrisburg PA and the biggest impact I can make is proving that you don't have to be from a concrete jungle to make it, at the end of the day it's all about the music and nothing else matters.

What does being a creator mean to you?

- It's an amazing feeling to be a creator because I feel like I'm always looking for  new ideas musically. It's another way to express yourself in a way that others can enjoy and be motivated or moved by your own creations.

What's the most interesting thing that happened to you in your career?

- The most interesting thing that happened in my career so far can not be defined as one moment. I'd say the most interesting thing would be the amount of love I get from people I’ve never met and from people that are from across the country and/or world. To me, that's the most important part about this shit, numbers don't impress me as much as emotions.

What do you know now that you wish you knew back then? 

- One thing I know now that I wish I knew sooner was my knowledge of music theory and engineering. I would have saved myself so much time and money and I feel that I would exceed quicker If I could have done everything myself and with my team like I do now versus relying on strangers to help make my art on the come up.

Who are your top 3 artists and movies? 

- Top 3 artists are Kanye West, Young Thug, and Lil Uzi Vert. Top 3 Movies are Remember the titans, The after party, and Star Wars. My favorite place to travel is Cancun.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

- In five years I see myself making music just as I am now. I could be the next Drake or I could be nobody and I know that's not the answer I'm supposed to give but I don't like thinking to myself that I am going to be the next big thing. I believe I have the talent and the motivation to be easily extremely successful although everything doesn't always play out how it should and I just have to see if that blessing is put into my hands.

How does it feel to be a part of the community in PA?

- It feels great to be a part of the community In PA with all the amazing artists around the area and I think the best part is the positive effect we all have on people with dreams and aspirations. The biggest thing I can do as a creator is inspire others in the community.

Who are some key factors in your career? 

- Zerby (my producer and friend) is a huge key player in my music career and our story is pretty crazy. Zerby and I went to high school together and he was a year younger than me. Zerby and I did not know each other very well but became friends through other friends. He reached out to me his freshman year my sophomore year because he saw me starting to release music and said he has always been interested in music. Zerby at the time had messed around with making beats but never took any of it seriously or worked with anyone before. I decided to give him a chance and even though his beats needed a lot of work just as my music did I saw raw talent in Zerby and I knew he had it in him. Zerby and I started to become very close and grew together as artists and as friends and created a good relationship when it came to collaborating together on tracks. Just 2 years ago Zerby and I built our own studio and now have been quietly working on an album behind closed doors that Zerby is executive producing. Some other people that I have been working with now for a long time are Taijuan, KingJ, and English. These are all talented artists that I have known now for years and years and we all have created amazing friendships and music relationships together. I'd also like to give a big shout out to my photographer and manager, Jose aka Shot by Jose. My videographer and designer, DeSean aka subtl, and my right hand man that's always here to help and is great when it comes to artistically collaborating, Shuntun aka Dioji.

What is your vision?

- My vision is to not only put myself and my music on the map but to also put so many amazing artists and talent that I know that deserve to be heard. It's never fun to be at the top if you're there alone, my vision is built off of comradery. Big thanks to Arden and mod570 for the blog showcase and I hope to get Arden and Kross on a project with me soon.

We have more on the way, including some big announcements towards the end of the year. Remember to wake up each day and walk with purpose. Find yourself. You owe it to you.

Hold tight and get ready for Chapter 2 of Mod570. We'll see you soon.

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"Without imagination, the leader is incapable of meeting emergencies, and of creating plans by which to guide his followers efficiently."

- Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich"

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