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Lul Kizzle - The 570 Blog Showcase

Being versatile in the world of modern music can be incredibly important. Not locking yourself into one genre is how some artists can begin to grow. That goes all the way from Hollywood to your local performers. Nykarri Cunningham, AKA Kizzle/Lul Kizzle saw the value in this as a 22-year old artist from Harrisburg, PA. 

“I try not to label myself in any specific genre, simply cause of my desire to be versatile when it comes to singing, rapping and being an overall vocalist,” said Kizzle. 

At a young age Kizzle began to show a love for music and sports. In high school he says that being a 3-sport athlete helped him to express himself and release energy or stress. While his athletics did not continue into college, he studied health & physical education during his freshman year. Though through his studies, Kizzle says he often found himself writing music in his free time. 

“I started to have more love for it & more fun with it, and over time different things in life steered me to want to be more hands on with it,” said Kizzle. 

After transferring to a community college back in Harrisburg, Kizzle switched majors to music audio and recording tech. While this did give him some of the hands on work he was looking for, Kizzle eventually decided to discontinue school for the time being and hit the studio almost every week. 

What does it mean to you to be a creator?

“I feel like generally expressing yourself in different ways is a huge part of being a creator. There are so many ways to express yourself & I feel that the best creation is when it’s coming from your heart, pouring real feelings & dealings, that’s when it’s most felt or related to,” said Kizzle. 

As Kizzle works to achieve a full-time music operation, he still keeps his priorities together. Working at a warehouse for  income currently, Kizzle says he spends a lot of time creating his music and spending time with family and loved ones. His hope is that his music career will one day allow him to not only better his own life, but that of his loved ones. Kizzle acknowledges that being a creator comes with many difficulties, including time management and every day life. 

“I honestly feel like one main thing that could change the difficulty, would be making what I love to do, my main source of income. To be on your own time makes a huge difference. It would be lovely to wake up each day & take care of my family & make music,” said Kizzle. 

What does it mean for you to be here contributing to the community?

“I feel I bring a different energy when it comes the the new age of music. I don’t typically rap about similar things you hear from similar artists. No knock to that because it’s who we are & where we come from. Although I offer a different perspective on it all. More personal and more feelings. Situations that I’m going through or have been through. Trying to stay positive & progressive through it all,” said Kizzle. 

While this all began as something to use for expression, Kizzle loves seeing that other people can relate to him through his music. Citing the expressions he see people have when they listen to him, Kizzle says that is one reason he continues to grind. 

“In the future I vision myself pursuing music full time, giving back because I know I’ve had rough times; though there are plenty of people who have had it worse than me. Taking care of my family in any ways and all ways needed,” said Kizzle. 

For 2021, Kizzle says he had many goals set up for himself and his music. However, the main one is to always better himself so that he can give the ones around him the best version of himself. 

“Success to me looks like steady progression. One day at a time, bettering yourself however you can. Success to me is losing but overcoming those rough times or losses. Success to me is not putting a limit on your success and what you put your mind to. No limit,” said Kizzle. 

Who does Kizzle look up to?

Drake - just to be as consistent & dominant for as long as he has been, it’s truly inspiring, especially with the industry & styles of music changing so rapidly.

Drewtyrell - Drew is an engineer I ran into about 2 years ago, & ever since we’ve clicked. We instantly related on many life situations, & began creating music together shortly after we met. He engineers, raps, sings, & produces. Watching him perfect his craft & stay solid as an individual plays a huge role in my career & where I am today. I will forever appreciate Drew.

My Mother - Nichelle. Watching her work as hard as she has my entire life, still to this day, has been the most inspiring for me. To see her go through almost everything she has, she’s done a wonderful job raising me & 3 sisters, a wonderful job guiding us & pushing us to never give up. My number one supporter & huge inspiration. I’d give her the world if I could.

Thank you, Lul Kizzle!

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