Matthew Holmes - Entrepreneur / B&G Marketing

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Matthew Holmes - Entrepreneur / B&G Marketing

Social media has played a big part in our lives for the better part of the 21st century. In fact it has become an essential part of business in society. Here at Mod570 we know the emphasis that social media has on how things are done. Enter Matthew Holmes, an executive of a social media marketing company based in South Florida. 

“Our firm provides growth, strategies and automation for businesses, brands and influencers. While I had been on the main social media platforms since 2014, however I really I began to take social media more seriously in summer of 2019. Being an Executive, I have the privilege of helping businesses and influencers grow their presence online while providing guidance to them as needed,” said Holmes.

How has your business grown through these unprecedented times?

“As you may have noticed, 2020 has shown that having a strong Instagram presence is crucial across all niches and industries. Since my journey with B&G Marketing began, I have helped many people increase their online presence and we plan to expand all across the globe in the coming year,” said Holmes. 

Holmes began his professional page for business in the summer of 2019.  Finding a passion for both business and creativity, Holmes discovered that he could find the perfect blend of both. He cited that he really began to commit and go all in on social media work during his last semester of college at John Tyler Community College. 

How did you get inspired? Can you point to any key moments?

“During my search for truth, I came across Cris Guarino’s Instagram page who had been in my Boy Scout troop years prior. My Instagram DM to Cris lead to a phone call, which lead to the answers I had been searching for, which lead to us reconnecting. Not long after, Cris and his business partner Matthew Barrick asked me to become an Executive in B&G Marketing providing sales training and social media marketing expertise,” said Holmes. 

Now being freshly graduated from college, Holmes says he can now focus on marketing and social media full time. Holmes also cited that meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals was key to getting started. 

“Just as iron sharpens iron,” said Holmes. 

Do you have any advice for up and coming creators?

My advice would be to view social media as a tool not a toy, learn sales, and pay it forward to others of what you are learning. Surround yourself with and seek guidance from those who are better off financially and in knowledge. It is also important to seek out those who are in a similar place in life as yourself to bounce ideas off each other and share the ups and downs of life with each other. As someone who believes in paying it forward, I would advise that you take someone under your wing to mentor and pass on what you have learned to them,” said Holmes. 

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