NXG - Energy

NXG - Energy

NXG - Philadelphia Rising Artist 

By Jordan Slobodinsky 

The music world is not something that offers a singular experience. A concert can be hours long, but your favorite song could be less than two minutes. It is in the middle somewhere that we find some balance. Artist, NXG, says that he wants fans to find that middle ground in his music and he wants to find that in work this year. 

What are your goals as an artist?

“My goal is to take people away from their routine and give them a way to release energy through an exciting experience. So that maybe, when they come back to reality, they are a tiny bit more fulfilled,” said NXG. 

Next month his second mixtape, Equilibrium, releases. This comes fresh off the heels of the first project NXG demoed, Outta Here Soon. With a new release, new messages and new songs are here as well. 

What does Equilibrium mean to you?

Equilibrium is a response to Outta Here Soon; it’s me figuring out my life after music changed my life. It’s my search for Equilibrium,” said NXG

The multiple experiences that music gives us is also what he is said to be working on this year. NXG has even made a point to provide the best live show possible, and that includes a new lifestyle. 

What is your focus at the current moment in your career?

“I’m focused on shows. Providing the best experience. Getting in the best physical shape so that I can give the best physical experience (bahhh). I’m not the biggest fan of working out, to keep it real. So this is a challenge for me,” said NXG.

Finding inspiration in the SoundCloud scene, it is no wonder his passion for a great performance and new music is flourishing. While much success comes from that, other inspirations for his new music include Drake, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Kurt Cobain, Earl Sweatshirt, Yeat, SoFaygo.

“I think the Soundcloud Underground scene is exhilarating. It’s an interesting time to ask that question as the scene just achieved recognition on a major platform yesterday,” said NXG. 

And he’s looking to leave his mark on the scene. Not just to be another drop in the bucket of the music industry. 

“I’m going to remind people what a rockstar show feels like. And then I’m going to show people why you should never box an artist in,” said NXG. “I wanna fucking rock shows. That’s my purpose. I just want people to come to an NxG show because they know they’re going to lose themselves in the energy. Losing yourself at a show is a therapeutic experience. I want to do that for people on a mass level.”

Looking to see NXG live? He has an upcoming show at Harrisburg, PA's XL Live alongside Lil Skies, Sprite Lee, Kamrin Houser, Lil Rekk and Cel NoLackin - hosted by DJ Rello's Connected Sound.

Tickets available via ConnectedSound. 

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