Paranoia - Kross Irwin

Paranoia - Kross Irwin


Kross Irwin came into 2021 swinging with his latest releases. Those of course being his debut studio album "Paranoia" and recent energy filled single "Moshpit". 

Pull up to the scene get it jumping like a moshpit. Kross Irwin is a name you're going to want to pay attention to when it comes to the PA music scene these coming years. With a sound built on modern melody and mixes that are just as professional as those recorded in a record-label studio, the Lock Haven native has been working relentlessly to take the music scene to a new level.  

“There aren’t many large or well-known studios or venues really around, so you either need to travel a lot or build from the ground up to get that quality,” Kross had mentioned in his previous blog feature with us. 

Let's take a look into what Paranoia means to Kross:

"When I began writing for this album I wasn’t sure I would continue to release music at all, let alone this project. However, this is one that I feel people can relate to, one that can make someone feel like they’re not alone in the world in a lit way. Out of the 20 songs recorded, I decided to go with only 13. “Paranoia” is influenced by the highs and lows I have gone through not only as an artist, but as a person too. As I began to create this project, it served as an emotional release of the things I was feeling during an extremely rough time of my life."

Kross sure does release emotion within the album with hits like Control, Where U At, Problems and Drive Me Crazy (feat. North Grimm). His latest single brings out a high energy feeling to the vision of Kross Irwin, proving that he can switch up his flow when he wants to. As for the fan favorite, there has been talk of a music video for Where U At (feat. Arden)

On top of that, Kross Irwin has founded Forever Alive Records with co-founder Brant Bixler. Kross came up with the idea and brought Brant alongside to get things going together. What's next? 

"Beginning with track one, the listener will be able to see the meaning behind the title, “Paranoia”. By the time they arrive at the last track, they will have a clear vision of my growth as an artist throughout this process. I like to think of the project as a RESULT of my mental health, and what I do when I’m not properly handling it, haha. However the listener takes it, I hope they just rock with at least one track. Regardless of the mood or vibe. Keep in my mind, there’s a sequel to it on the way. In due time it’ll all make sense but really.. both albums will give a good insight in my growth and what I’ve learned over the past 2 years. Enjoy the first half, and look forward to the second half."

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