Shed Talk Releases Season 3 Episode 1 with Mod570

Shed Talk Releases Season 3 Episode 1 with Mod570

Dave and I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Shed Talk Podcast a couple of months ago. A Harrisburg based growing podcast hosted and owned by our friend Anthony Maletestinic a.k.a. Tony Futbol. Shed Talk features public figures ranging from celebrities, music artists, brands and more.

Hosted in the shed, "Shed Talk" brings a home-like experience and feel when being interviewed. Dave and I didn't know what to expect going into it, as it was our first interview on camera together. However with a standup guy like Tony being the host, we felt comfortable from the beginning. After seeing previous episodes and working with Tony on his 570 Blog Showcase, he had reached out to me about being on the show. Obviously I said yes right away.

We were able to express ourselves and the ideas behind Mod570 on camera, something I have been wanting to do since the beginning of the year. Similar to what we do with our blogs, Tony is able to utilize his platform and create valuable discussions. It was the perfect way to share our perspective with his audience and create a bond with the Shed Talk crew (shout out Tony and Neil).

With topics on our brands background, creating value, goal setting to personable experiences like Dave and Tony's college days; Shed Talk offers a variety of fruitful content that is worth a watch 10/10 times. 

Shed Talk season 3 episode 1 with Mod570 can be watched now via the link below along with their social media. Available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Facebook.

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