The 570 Blog - Cara Montarsi / State Farm Agent / Agency

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The 570 Blog - Cara Montarsi / State Farm Agent / Agency

Financial security and freedom are two huge goals in the life of an average adult. While we here at Mod570 often discuss about creators and artists, finances are a factor of that. Housing, vehicles and insurance all become important parts of every day life. Enter Cara Montarsi, a local member of the community helping others achieve financial success through State Farm Insurance. 

“I am in the business of helping life go right – from protecting your auto, liability, and assets to planning for your financial future,” said Montarsi. 

Montarsi opened for business in November of 2019. She says that the works she does is challenging but rewarding. The community is something Montarsi wants to contribute to because of growing up in the 570.

Were there any key factors in your start up and what were they? 

I was required to take insurance education classes, pass several exams, obtain several state licenses, go through an internship program with State Farm corporate, be selected at the end of internship to open my doors and be appointed with the state dept. of insurance,” said Montarsi. “[I had to] complete one year as a temporary agent in order to receive my lifetime contract with State Farm."

Insurance is not the easiest field to get used to. There are plenty of laws and rules to find out. Every customer has a different situation which requires Montarsi to be flexible when figuring out the best plan for someone. Through these experiences, Montarsi has found ways to adapt to any situation. She cited that keeping her mind straight is important for success. 

“[I just] focus on things I can control and not stress over things I cannot,” said Montarsi. 

The insurance industry is very much like running your own independent business. While you sell products and plans from a specific company like State Farm, Montarsi manages her own client base and has to push herself to succeed even more.

What advice/tips do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Stay focused, never quit, have confidence in yourself and your abilities.” said Montarsi. 

Contributing to the community she grew up in is something Montarsi says means a lot to her. Being a woman in business is something she says that makes her proud, and she wants to continue to give back to the community. 

“My agency is actually across the street from the house I grew up in."

Though Montarsi also has a family history of business success. She says her family has been in the line of entrepreneurship for a long time, and she was inspired by them. Even with a strong background and family support, Montarsi still says there are challenges that she faces. 

“I want to show others they can do the same thing, it is all about desire and mindset. It can be difficult to always consider others thoughts, feelings, and views. You truly have to know yourself and what you stand for and believe in,” said Montarsi. 

Even though the work she is doing is already substantial, Montarsi has goals that go beyond. She wants to eventually give back even more to the 570.

“My goal is to open a community center for teens – middle school through high school. I want a safe space for kids to go for help with school, play games, get advice, be inspired,” said Montarsi. 

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