The 570 Blog - Maya Zita / Artist / Singer

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The 570 Blog - Maya Zita / Artist / Singer

The music industry is dynamic and complex. There are many routes to go down including producing, marketing and even stage hands. We all know the real reason that people listen though is for the artist. Here at Mod570 we look to provide exposure for young artists. Enter Maya Zita, a pop artist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.

“Songwriting inspired me to become a creator. I have always enjoyed art and music so being able to make something original pushed me to work towards sharing it with the world,” said Zita. 

Zita cited that being a creator in the music industry means a lot to her. She even acknowledges that her talent in tandem with her courage has helped grow as a musician. Though songwriting is her main focus, that courage allows her to express herself in any artistic format she wants. 

What do you find most difficult about being a creator?

“It is very difficult to put yourself out there; especially [on] the internet. It is very easy to begin allowing the opinions of others to change your creations and performance style,” said Zita. 

Much like the team here at Mod570, Zita knows the internet is huge for growth. It allows for her to branch and be heard all around the world. Building a following online accumulating with local exposure allows for artists to succeed in the modern era. 

How has the internet impacted your growth as an artist?

“I think the internet has gotten a lot better at becoming accepting of people. I hope that teens uplift teens more because I find there’s a lot of bullying in middle school and high school which can stop people from going for their dreams even if they have talent,” said Zita. 

Zita has a plan for the future involving her music. Hoping to one day to combine her passion for art and music together. 

“My vision for the future is to continue releasing music and video content, learn to produce my own unique sound, meet other awesome artists and open an online auction for my paintings and other artistic creations,” said Zita. 

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Maya's Quote:

“This industry can seem cookie cutter but you’ll never find my shape in a single store"


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