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The 570 Blog - Millo / Music Artist

The Mod570 music library continues to grow again this week. We are happy to introduce 22-year old up and coming artist Millo. Hailing from the South West United Kingdom, Millo focuses on a rhetorical style of music that combines modern pop, contemporary rap and hip-hop all into one. Finding a passion for music was easy for him because his family has a music background. Millo began the music journey in early 2020 and has found great joy from creating music. 

“Being a creator has allowed me to access a part of my brain I didn’t know existed a few years ago. Having this freedom of creation has allowed me to show my true colors as a person and has brought out the best of me, something I think resides in everyone once they discover it,” said Millo. “This is why being a creator means everything to me, I want to inspire people that you can truly do anything in life if you really put your mind to it.” 

For a career Millo knew he did not want to work a regular 9:00-5:00 job. Sensing that there was a calling for a greater purpose, Millo decided to try creating music. He wanted to show what he could truly do and he wanted to see what other music creators could do as well. 

“Musicians inspire generations and help so many young people get through tough times, I also want to be that person,” said Millo. 

What do you love about creating music?

“Music as a whole is difficult, but that’s part of the fun. The most difficult part however is getting yourself out there, it is one hell of a grind. As difficult as it is it will never stop me, if you’re truly determined to get somewhere in life the effort has to be put in regardless of difficulty,” said Millo. 

Millo also added that his journey into music has taught him a lot. He says he would tell other young music artists to never stop gaining knowledge. Something we preach at Mod570. 

“There are always new things to learn that you never realized before even existed, so doing the research is always a big thing to get somewhere if you’re truly determined to put in the effort,” said Millo. 

What plans do you have for the future?

“I have many visions for my future, short term and long term. The obvious one is to keep growing and never have an end goal. Never be satisfied and always strive for more. However, I would obviously like to be performing in front big crowds and touring the world at some point of my life. The one thing that keeps me going is imagining my loved ones saying how proud they are of me, so I will not stop until that moment comes,” said Millo.

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“Release your inner art and never be afraid to show it, the opinions of a sheep do not matter to a lion.”

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