The 570 Blog Showcase - A Little Bird / Lock Haven, PA

The 570 Blog Showcase - A Little Bird / Lock Haven, PA

For a business to give back, it takes a lot. Most businesses have the main goal of making a profit while providing goods or services. which is reasonable. For people like Tina Newberry and Lisa Henderson however, they wanted to do both. The two friends opened a store in the 570 called A Little Bird, and have since found a passion for giving back to people through their business. Here at Mod570 we asked them what their business means and why they do what they do. 

“Lisa and I have been friends since we were a year old, when our mothers met and became friends. We both grew up in and around the Lock Haven area and while life has taken us many places, we recently found ourselves back home. We started A Little Bird in 2019 as an online only store,” said Newberry. 

  • So why start a business focused on giving back to people? In this day-in-age it seems hard enough to make a living and start a business. Most people wouldn’t think twice about about products that give back, so why did you guys choose that?

  • “We are both very passionate about giving back in any way we can. We knew that regardless of what type of business this ended up being, we wanted to use it as a platform to give back. Initially we thought we would pick a different cause each month and donate a portion of our proceeds to that cause. In searching for products that we loved and thought others would, too, we started finding items that had really great stories behind them. From small businesses started by single moms, to dedicated eco-friendly companies, and products that supported charitable causes; we knew we had found the perfect niche for us: gifts that give back,” said Newberry.

  • Since the store opened up online, what made you decide to open a physical store? To the average business owner, a real location raises costs and responsibility. We see succes stories all the time about online business thriving. What made you ladies want to put that physical location in the 570?

  • “ We realized that not only would a brick and mortar location bring an opportunity to reach a larger number of people, but would give us a home in a community that we could get involved with. On November 2 [of this year], we opened the doors to our physical store. Owning a physical store has been a completely new experience for us, having previously operated online only,” said Newberry. “We were unsure how our products would sell but [we] were hopeful that the community would get behind the ideology of giving back. We were not disappointed!”

  • You had mentioned that you ladies had grown up here and even ended up settling back down in Lock Haven. Were you ever nervous about what it would mean to come back? Or even if some of the more established stores would be hard to compete with? How have people reacted to your unique business model?

  • “We have been completely overwhelmed with the support of our new neighbors and friends. Lock Haven itself and the family of Lock Haven business owners welcomed us with open arms. Here we have found a small town with a huge heart and as eager to give as we are. It took Lisa [Henderson] and I quite a few years to get to this place where we are building something we love and believe in,” said Newberry. “If there is one piece of advice that I wish we had received earlier and would pass on to others it is this - if you truly believe in something, do not be afraid to pursue it!”

    The unique “giving back” business model is one that finds a great home here in the 570. Newberry and Henderson have certainly created a model that embodies our area, giving back to others through success. You can stop in to A Little Bird at 310 N Grove St, Lock Haven.

    You can also reach them at or to inquire all their unique and thoughtful products.

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