The 570 Blog Showcase - Abbey Castor / Story Teller / Spiritual Coach / Entrepreneur

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Abbey Castor / Story Teller / Spiritual Coach / Entrepreneur

From a small town in central Pennsylvania, Abbey Castor got her jump start into entrepreneurship after publishing her book How To Get Here in 2020. How To Get Here is an inspirational tale of the magic which is so divinely possible to be created in reality. How would you feel if you woke up to a world of magic you might never thought to be possible? A world where you can get everything that you want. Along with her book, Castor has a podcast called The Universe Just Recognized Herself where she continues to share her stories and spiritual knowledge.

“Creativity has always been a huge part of my personality. I don’t like to label or limit myself as I see my infinite potential as a creator and artist in this world. I just wrote my first book, I am about to graduate college, I’ve grown a significant amount of followers on social media in the past few months and I just started my own business. I think I am doing alright for having just turned 21,” said Castor. 

What inspired you to start creating?

“My entire life felt like it was always building up to something. I hadn’t known what that something was until I sat down and actually committed to writing that book. What inspired me was the pandemic and my adventures traveling the world, meeting so many people and gathering so many different perspectives on this darling little thing we call life,” said Castor. 

Finding creativity in unprecedented times like a pandemic can certainly be challenging. Castor acknowledges that she cannot only survive on her writing. Though she does want to continue creating and eventually make it a full time gig. 

“Survival comes first. As a new artist and business owner I have taken up the responsibility to pick up a few other side hustles in order to keep up with my bills and to keep on creating. There is no guarantee in this kind of work, but it continues to push me to create bigger better content. I am very excited to see where life takes me next,” said Castor. 

What is your goal for creating and entrepreneurship?

“My vision is to simply live my life. I want to explore every possible aspect of being a human being. I want to touch the earth and connect with people. I want to bring a smile to anyone’s face who happens to come into contact with my own. I want to change the world, because the world helped me to transform myself,” said Castor. 

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Original quote from How To Get Here “The more love we extend in even the smallest of details, the more it consumes us and grips us tight. The more love we give the more we receive. But the idea is not to expect that love because we receive it. Our ego stands in the way of true love for true love is nothing at all because we must expect nothing in return. We should love because we want to feel nothing and everything at the same time. We should not give because we expect but give because we love. Love is limitless because it renounces all of it’s limits. Love, loves to love, love.” -Abbey Castor

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