The 570 Blog Showcase - Barion McQueen / Entrepreneur / Branding Specialist / Marketing

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Barion McQueen / Entrepreneur / Branding Specialist / Marketing

Branding is a huge part of the business world, and it has been for almost as long business has existed. That’s not to say that a blacksmith in the 13th century branded through photography, but instead could become known from word of mouth, but these days it is a little more efficient to market a business online. In the past we have featured several business owners and creators that began in 2019, 2020 or slightly before then. Today we are proud to feature Barion McQueen, an entrepreneur that has been in business since 2013.

“I am a marketing expert, branding specialist and music artist consultant. I also am the owner of The Brand Castle, a digital marketing agency located in South Florida,” said McQueen. 

Marketing and branding are huge to the success of a business, nothing can thrive if people don’t recognize you. One of the simplest examples to be given is the Mcdonald’s golden arches and the theme that plays on all their commercials. Marketing for even smaller companies can be hard at first, McQueen says that he enjoys owning his own business and continuing to push the boundaries of success. 

What’s it like to run your own business?

It is very difficult to run your own business.  You are responsible for other people's livelihood not just your own.  You have to keep contact business coming in and meeting with the right people to make sure that you are as successful as you can be,” said McQueen. “You do not have time to sleep and do a lot of fun things especially if your business is not where you want it to be.”

Having a goal is key for a company is well. It is all fine and dandy to start a business and run it, but if your only goal is to make money, you might be in for a rude awakening. Take for example us at Mod570; our goal is to shed light on creators and businesses. McQueen also had a goal when starting his entrepreneurial journey. 

Were there any key factors in your start up? What were they?

“I built my company off of being the middleman.  I looked for people who needed things done and I outsourced the work.  Even though I could do the work myself I really wanted to focus on scaling and delegating people to handle tasks.  So I started off with designing logos, to designing websites, to social media management, to photography and videography,” said McQueen. “ All these things were necessary for companies no matter which stage they were at in business. Whether they were a brand new company or a company who had been in business for 20 years.”

Starting in marketing and branding is not exactly something you just walk into either. It takes practice and the study of trends to keep up with how to be marketable. McQueen has learned this and much more during his seven years in business. Even with all his experience, he still says he has some things he wish he knew. 

What would you say to an aspiring entrepreneur on how to choose a digital marketing agency?

"I would say go with the person who you feel most comfortable with. If you are going to do business, build on the relationship. Also check who they have done business with previously. If it's big brands and small brands you have a chance of getting the best for your own brand as well.  Advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to find a mentor, someone who has been in your field of interest for some years. You will learn a lot from them and they will help you in minimizing mistakes because they have experience. Experience is the best teacher.

What does a marketing agency do? What does The Brand Castle do to take it to the next level?

"We help create your brand identity and elevate your brand. It is also our goal to get you and your business seen by as many people as possible through online press publications and PR."

What is one thing you wish you would have known when you started?

“I wish I would have started my entrepreneurship journey sooner.  Like most people I listened to a lot of doubters and was comfortable just making the money my employers paid me, but when you realize that working for yourself there is unlimited potential, it changes your perspective completely,” said Mcqueen. 

Bringing his skills and business to the 570 is something McQueen says he is excited about. While seeing success in South Florida, the chance to expand to Pennsylvania is one that brings great promise. Looking to achieve great things with local talent is something Mcqueen says he is also ready to take on. 

What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the community?

“I am just always looking to give back and pay it forward.  Anyone who has ever worked with me or done business with me knows that I always try to over deliver. It's not always about the money, but more about how many people you have helped. If you lead with great value, the money will come,” said McQueen. 

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