The 570 Blog Showcase - Bloomsum Cafe / Amelia Bilski / Entrepreneur

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Bloomsum Cafe / Amelia Bilski / Entrepreneur

The food industry is a complicated business, even though on the outside it seems simple. You make food and drinks for people and they pay for the service, seems simple enough. However it is actually one of those industries that involves a ton of work behind the scenes. From supply orders, to finding actual good recipes and even to having the proper distribution method. The 570 has its fair share of great eateries and diners. But cafes are on the up and coming and now local cafe owner Amelia Bilski is bringing the scene here. 

“I went to college in the Baltimore area, and to get by, I grew fond of my job working in cafes. Once I moved back home, I decided to save up, and after a year, I opened a mobile coffee trailer named Bloom Sum. My first day of business was the first day of spring 2019. It’s impossible to know how one will feel in running their own business,” said Bilski. 

Not every waiter or bartender in the world goes on to open their own business, but with her experience, Bilski is hoping to sustain Bloom Sum for years to come. Being an owner in the food industry doesn’t exactly lead to the most normal lifestyle, but Bilski says she embraces this mindset. 

“For me, it’s a very vulnerable and humbling lifestyle, putting your personal craft out to the world and hoping for the best. Every small business owner knows it is a lot of sacrifice and dedication. You have to think of every little thing without command, which can be challenging,” said Bilski. 

  • How does your experience help you in running your own business?

“Working at cafes in the past enabled me to have another world outside of school. I became close with regulars, grew friendships and learned cafe culture. Schedules can be so intense and grueling for all individuals, so creating a space where people meet and allow the time for themself to unwind, whether it’s to jumpstart their day or an afternoon break, is something I found to hold sacred,” said Bilski. 

Here at Mod570, we have already featured one local restaurant. The Texas, which has been established in Lock Haven for decades. However it can be incredibly difficult to establish a new restaurant and make it stick. People come for food, but they stay and keep coming back for atmosphere and experience.

  • What do you wish you would have known before getting into the food industry as a business owner?
  • “One thing I wish I would have known before starting a business is that it will be lonely at times. I wish I would have opened the door for a possible business partner. Everyone knows coworkers are special in creating a team and friendship; someone to laugh the stress off with on related terms. Bloom Sum is now serving out of Full Circle Center in Mill Hall, which is my Aunt’s space. Merging with her has been an improvement for the both of us. So building a team would be my first bit of advice,” said Bilski. “Plan out all the logistics as much as you can in a convenient fashion. Carrying your business cards is a professional and easy way to communicate to the public.” 

    Bilski was born and raised in the 570, and says she she wouldn’t have wanted to start her business anywhere else. Like many business owners in the area, she has a connection to the area that allows her to make better decisions for her business. Connecting with her hometown from this new angle is also something that she says finds very fulfilling. 

    “Making good drinks and food is one of my favorite things, so being able to share is like the cherry on top,” said Bilski. 

  • If you could tell young business owners one thing about starting out, what would it be?
  • “One difficult thing in starting a business is not having enough time in a day! I also try to buy all local, like milk. I choose to drive further than grocery stores for better quality, which takes time. If we had a farmers market all year round it would make my life easier, but as of now I just have to prep and manage my time efficiently,” said Bilski. “For the cold months, I winterize my trailer, but this year Bloom Sum is indoors at Full Circle Center. The café may possibly stay in this space for the future, and the trailer will be utilized for events. The possibilities are joyfully endless.” 

    “Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.” 

    -Maya Angelou 

    Thank you for reading, and thanks to Mod570's blog showcase for featuring small businesses! 

    Blood Sum Café 146 Fairpoint Rd Mill Hall, Pa 

    MWF 8am - 2pm Thursday 11am - 6pm 


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