The 570 Blog Showcase - Dave Amigo / Music Artist

The 570 Blog Showcase - Dave Amigo / Music Artist

By Jordan Slobodinsky

Living in the now is one of the main focuses of Mod570. As a team we acknowledge that it is incredibly important to plan for the future, and we do that in all aspects of our business. But at the end of the day, focusing on the moment can help improve any situation and bring in even more success. Music artist Dave Amigo embodies that very mindset. While honing his craft as an artist, Amigo also works on a daily grind.

“I wake up, shower and brush my teeth, make some juice and then try to sell either a car or thrifted item to bring in some money for the day. Then I go home and record how i feel at the moment,” said Amigo when asked how he goes about any given day. 

A person can be inspired by a myriad of different things. Amigo says he found himself not enjoying a lot of hip-hop music in his younger years, even though he had previously liked it. With that in mind, he decided to try and create his own music. 

“So I started with making beats that I wanted to hear that eventually turned into rhymes and melodies that I wanted to hear." 

As an aspiring artist from York PA, Amigo knows that exposure and branding are incredibly important to his success. While writing his music in the moment can help create a musical piece, without people to listen to it, it is only a dream. That is why Amigo says he puts an emphasis on branding. Trying to reach people all across the world. Amigo says that branding is one of the most important things in anyone’s business. 

What does it mean to you to be a creator?

“Being a creator, you are contributing to history. Your art is gonna reflect the times you’re living in, the things you’re going through, everything like that. Creating art is similar to a photograph, it captures the moment and lets the audience know exactly what’s going on and how you feel about it. Being a creator gives folks like me a platform to get what i’m thinking out in the world without fear of judgement,” said Amigo. 

A big part of anyone succeeding in life or creativity, is the support around them. Amigo was inspired by artist 909memphis, his manager Jamez LaFlame and A&R Feev. At Mod570 we encourage entrepreneurs and young business owners to seek like-minded individuals and find strong support. Amigo did just that and even bet on himself to succeed. 

What is your advice for other artists?

“The main tip is don’t be afraid to take risks. Invest your money in places that will either elevate your sound or presence in the scene. Lastly, never give your time to anyone that doesn’t genuinely believe in your dreams."

Though being a creator, especially in the music industry, is not always as easy as it seems. You do not just wake up one day and become the next Snoop Dog. It takes a lot time and effort, along with working with others in the industry. The industry is not always the kindest place either. 

What is difficult about being a creator?

“The politics behind most of the industry honestly. it’s hard to keep inspiration when the letdowns happen due to how people in certain camps are,” said Amigo. “[What could change that is] people stop trying to chase hits and/or placements and just focus on the damn art.”

While the hardships can certainly be tiresome, Amigo still enjoys making art. He is focused on his art and what he can create, and has even found a true love for  some of his pieces. His song ‘Heartless’ is one that he says is his favorite. 

“It was the first time my music was exposed outside of local areas and i got familiarized with most of the underground scene."

Currently Amigo is trying make his presence felt more on Spotify. Trying to become big enough to be included in playlists. Along with that, Amigo says he wants to create more music videos and release them. Once shows are more consistent he hopes to get more involved with that scene. 

Why music?

Kind of always been a part of my life. I remember when I was a kid and I saw the world go crazy for 50 Cent and i thought to myself, ‘that’s what I wanna do’.

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  • Quote on creativity 
    •  “Life is a struggle, so you might as well struggle for your passion” 

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