The 570 Blog Showcase - Euey / Artist / Entrepreneur - Mastery

The 570 Blog Showcase - Euey / Artist / Entrepreneur - Mastery

Dear Readers,

My name is Eugene Yeboah aka Euey, the founder and owner of Mastery. Simply put, Mastery is a fashion brand with its own music label. With our group of creative collectives and our exclusive apparel, Mastery has become a family of friends and creatives from all over the world. Naturally we use different styles, ideas, backgrounds and all. The name Mastery comes from finding something you love and becoming a master at it.

Mastery began in 2016, right around this time. It's been an eventful four years since then.

Running my own business is a blessing but it is a lot of hard work. Being able to support other creative individuals like myself in helping them find the path to success. The journey of life is a blessing but I am constantly reminded that this is more than a family. At the end of the day we are a business that has plenty of daily work needed to be done. 

Obviously business requires hard work, and there were several factors that led to the birth of Mastery. I've always been about branding, as I was a marketing major before I dropped out of college. Before anything I needed a name that essentially described perfectly what the goal was and also a logo/mascot that envisions and brings the brand to life. Other than that, everything else fell into place with time.

Not everything went perfect starting my own business. There are some things that I wish I knew, that could have helped a younger me. Take every opportunity to grow, sometimes an opportunity presents itself and you don't realize it till it's too late. Even if they don't present themselves, don't be afraid to go searching and making your own opportunities. Scared money, don't make no money.

My final advice to you is this, never give up, work as hard as you can then work even harder. Nothing worth it comes easy in life but also make sure you have fun in the process and be better than you were yesterday. Be creative and original, nobody likes a copycat so make sure you're thinking outside the box.

Euey's Artist Showcase:

  • EUEY is an all around musical artist with a harmonic voice, endless catchy flows and lyrics. He is able to stand out from the crowd. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and is currently based in Lebanon, PA with roots back to Ghana, West Africa, you can hear his different range of cultures in his music. 
  • What inspired you to be a creator? I simply love creating. As cliche as it sounds, I couldn't see myself working a regular job for someone. I have this really rebellious personality and I've always been instilled in music since a young age so I knew it was a passion I was willing to die for. 
  • What does being a creator mean to you? Being able to make something that can affect the lives of another human being is such a joy to me. Music is such a big part of my life that people forget how much of an impact it can have on people from helping depression to being able to help people in this journey of life. 
  • What is your vision for the future? I want to share my experiences and story with the world so they're able to know if an African born kid from the hoods of Newark that lives in farmlands of Pennsylvania can do it, then anyone can do it. I want people to know that you can live a happy life doing what you want and not settling for an unhappy lifestyle because there's no limits in this creative world.

Quote on creativity:

"Everything you can imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso

Thanks for reading!


    Maaaan shouts out to the gang, LA, 3onawav, Rodney, Kheyam, Hannah Sim and ShaneZ, Matt Gotch, Ryan and also our family at BLV. They make a lot of things possible so they're greatly appreciated!


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