The 570 Blog Showcase - Featuring Jaycee Homsher / Joke's LLC

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Featuring Jaycee Homsher / Joke's LLC

At Mod570 we put an emphasis on creativity and design. Whether it is music, fashion, art or anything else, we are the outlet for creation. In that sense we are not alone, as we are proud to introduce Jaycee Homsher and his company Joke’s LLC. With a strong emphasis on combating creative criticism, Homsher and his company are taking the fashion scene by storm. 

I am the founder & creative director of Joke's LLC. Our mission at Joke's is to inspire & instill confidence in those who have been laughed at, misunderstood, and overlooked, by the hands of normality, through design, art, and fashion,” said Homsher. 

  • What kind of work do you guys do? What does your clothing entail?
  • “Currently we have two brands under the parent company Joke's. One brand is Joke's Art Gallery, which is focused in the realm of visual artwork like canvas paintings, printing, and artist showcase curation,” said Homsher. “Our latest brand is a clothing brand by the name Joke's On Us. Our tagline is "Not Made For The Normal" which ties back in to the company's mission statement. The clothing brand ranges from ready-to-wear seasonal collections to handpicked / reconstructed / up-cycled pieces.”

    Officially Homsher has been in business for two years. Breaking into the fashion industry is almost never easy, and it can be even more trying as the owner of the business. Homsher looks at it in a different way though. 

    “It's whatever you make it out to be honestly. I cannot speak for anyone else but for what I am creating it's definitely liberating and evokes the highest level of reward. It's cool however you define cool,” said Homsher. 

  • Were there any key factors in your start up and what were they?
  • “Mentors. Mentors definitely helped me unlock parts of myself [that] I haven't noticed before, which allowed me to expand my range as a creator and entrepreneur. Friends. A couple friends who offered me their time, space, and love which moved me to put more things in motion. Also music. Hip-hop music is a guide for me. A lot of the artists I listen to are business owners and creatives,” said Homsher.

    It seems Homsher is getting the right idea of how to connect hip-hop and business. We see at the highest levels artists like Kanye West with Yeezy, being able to unite the two. Inspiration is something that we here at Mod570 admire, as it plays a key role in the success of any creative outlet. Without being inspired, it can be hard to create something meaningful.

  • What advice/tips do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs? What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the community. 
  • “Take a step back. Understand where you can add value to the world & know that you are not entitled to anything. [As for contributing] It means the world. Joke's On The World.


    •  Jaycee Homsher / Harrisburg, PA / Creative Director of Joke's LLC
    • What does it mean to you to be a creator?
      • It means I produce more than I consume in the simplest explanation. To me creating is speaking outside of the barriers of language.
    • What inspired you to be a creator?
      • My first defined inspiration was hip-hop culture. I've always loved art class and excelled in It. I've been creating art since kindergarten. That's where pretty much everyone starts making art but I would continue making stuff outside of the classroom with my friends. 
    • What is difficult about being a creative?
      • Trying to communicate your art in an effective way, especially through social media. It's one of the worst things to happen to art in my opinion.
    • What is your vision for the future?
      • A healthier, happier, free and more knowledgeable world. 
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    Quote on creativity:

    "Be different, do different things, don't do it like he did, cause he aint what you is." - Kendrick Lamar

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