The 570 Blog Showcase - Featuring Joe McNew / Entrepreneur / XCLU3Ci

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Featuring Joe McNew / Entrepreneur / XCLU3Ci

We all know the big clothing brands in this world. Nike, Gucci, Levi’s and the list goes on and on. Like all creators we showcase here, clothing creators spend endless hours creating and designing. Joe McNew, a PA native designer knows all about the clothing hustle. Much like our own drive at Mod570 to create clothing, Joe has accomplished much in 2020 and looks to the future.

“I am 22 years old from Harrisburg, PA, and I run a clothing company [named] XCLU3Ci. I have been making clothes and shirts since 2015 but I started XCLU3Ci in mid-2017. [I] started in a dorm room at my college during my time at Shippensburg University,” said McNew. 

  • What are some difficulties with running a clothing brand? Or in general with just running a business at a young age?

  • “Establishing and running your own business is cool because I constantly have something to work on. I’ve helped build many connections and make a lot of projects possible by being apart of them. It also makes you grow up,” said McNew. 

    Our belief here at Mod570 is that anyone can accomplish their goals no matter the challenge. But it isn’t always easy or correct to do it on your own. Many businesses and brands are initially thought of by one individual, but take a team of like minded people to succeed. 

  • What did it take to start? How do you intend to continue growing and what do you wish you knew when you began?

  • “Some key features I had was that my team (BLV) was already establishing [themselves] and we didn’t even know it. The mindset has been the same for four years now and we’re not stopping. It was meant to build and we’re going to continue that path,” said McNew. “I wish I knew 2 years ago about not letting [my foot] off the gas. I was a young kid just trying something new. I wasn’t sure what would work and wasn’t sure if anyone would support. I gave up, but then this year opened my mind and realized that I have something awesome in the area. Now I’m dropping 2 times a month. Consistency is key.”

    On that mindset both the team at Mod570 and McNew agree. Consistency allows for continued success which in turn creates a thriving business. With continued merchandise drops, McNew has created a thriving small brand that has incredible potential. Especially in a year that included a global pandemic, this is impressive to say the least. 

    “2020 has been wild. I went from living at home with [my] mom, to having my own space downtown. Motivation is key for me right now. BLV & these events are my main focus and when we see people having a good time or building connections for their own venture, that’s what I like. This is all about making the next person better,” said McNew. 

    The XCLU3Ci Quote: “GOTTA WANNA” 

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    • Stacy McNew

      As his father, I’ve watched him mature both personally and professionally over the last 3 years. Proud of him for the persistence and creativity.

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