The 570 Blog Showcase - Full Body Health and Fitness / Lock Haven, PA

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Full Body Health and Fitness / Lock Haven, PA

Dear readers,

Full Body Health and Fitness Center, LLC was opened in Lock Haven in June 2018 by Brian and Lori Hoy. They intended to open up a fitness center focusing on physical fitness, weight training, personal training, group fitness, nutrition coaching. As new business owners, they were not sure what to expect, but since then have created a place where their customers can thrive. 

Mod570 had the pleasure of talking to Lori and Brian about their business venture. Here is what they had to say:

"What I learned (real talk) - is that you will be underestimated. People will wait for you to fail or quit. You just have to keep moving forward and surround yourself with people who will cheer you on regardless," said Lori Hoy. 

“This is our first venture so we did not know what to expect. It’s been a huge learning process for both of us - exciting, exhausting and rewarding. The most rewarding aspect of owning our business is the people we get to interact with on a daily basis. We have met hundreds of incredible, kind people,” said Brian Hoy. 

Starting up a business doesn’t happen without proper funding. This is especially true when you are opening a new gym that will need equipment and special renovations. Finances are a key factor in what made Full Body Health and Fitness Center a success. 

“One of the key factors in starting our business was partnering with our financial advisor at M&T Bank, Mike Owens. He has been a huge partner and supporter in the entire process from day 1 of our idea to visiting on a regular basis to see how he can further assist us in growing our business,” said Brian. 

While financing any project is important, the motto of “it doesn’t happen overnight” rings true here as well. Creating clientele and getting people to join your business takes time, and both Brian and Lori know that well. When asked if there was one thing they wished they knew, that they know now they had this to say: 

“It takes a lot of time to get started. Have business mentors that can help you with the start up process,” said Lori.  

“Invest in good people to work with you. Develop relationships with your team, find out what other skills they have that they can bring to your business, and have them grow with the company. Invest in the people who invest in your business.”

Not only did the Hoy’s go through the ups and downs of opening a business, but they also now are able to share their knowledge with up and coming business owners. 

“Study and research the experts in your realm. Find and/or pay for a business mentor. Learn every job that needs to be done in the business. Know your strengths and delegate your weaknesses to those on your team that are strong in that area. Know you will NOT please everyone, always keep your clients in mind, but don’t sacrifice your integrity for money. Be consistent and show up every day. Be prepared to sacrifice some things the first 3-5 years of your business, and know that what you are saying yes to means you are saying no to something else,” said Brian and Lori. 

As the old saying goes “location, location, location,” and that is something that factored into the Hoy’s decision to open Full Body Health and Fitness Center. Both owners feel committed to bringing the 570 a quality training facility. 

“Being a former track coach of high school athletes, I felt there was a need to have a facility that could meet the needs of current and former athletes (in any sport) as well as provide our community with a clean, healthy environment in which to reach their wellness goals,” said Brian. 

“I was an elementary teacher in this community for 15 years. Each year I watched my students come into my classroom more unhealthy than the year before. I wanted to give them an opportunity to live a healthier life than their parents - teaching the adults how to do that would eventually trickle down to the kids. They watch and mimic what we do so we have to give them all the advantages we can. It’s our duty as their guides through life,” said Lori. 

Thanks to Lori and Brian Hoy for their commitment to the community and help with representing Mod570. - Mod570 Team

Full Body Health and Fitness Center is located at 501 E Walnut St, Lock Haven, PA 17745 and you can visit their Facebook page for information about joining their operation. 

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