The 570 Blog Showcase - Jose A / Shotbyjosea / Photographer

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Jose A / Shotbyjosea / Photographer

Content creation is key when it comes to being a business owner. From sports to music, all creators have photographers or videographers following them. Take something as simple as a professional sports team, they have hundreds of people run their social media daily. Musicians interact with fans through the posts that they make, and tell their story through their images. Enter Jose Abreu, a Pennsylvania photographer who documents the lives of musicians and models around the country. 

“I started taking pictures my junior year of high school three years ago,” said Abreu. 

Starting so young has allowed for Abreu to get the experience he needs. Traveling and documenting the lives of creators is something he values, and is something that has given him a passion to follow. In a complicated field like photography, equipment is just as important as talent. Abreu says he has also learned many things since the beginning. 

“Whenever you start your own business with photography you need to have a good camera like a Canon or Sony so you can get fire footage of the subject, also need to have good communication skills and editing skills with pictures or videos,” said Abreu. 

What is it like running a business in photography? Especially as an independent creator?

“It’s nice to run your own business because you are the boss so you don’t have people yelling at you or telling you what to do, instead you decide what’s right for yourself and your business,” said Abreu. 

Along with talent and tech, Abreu also says there are other skills needed to do what he does. Marketing and networking are two key factors he says he wish he knew before getting started. Makes sense as professional creators and businesses spend billions on marketing and networking campaigns each year. Abreu also says that the people he knows now are helping him succeed, and he wishes he would have met them sooner. 

What would your advice be to aspiring creators, especially photographers?

“If you want to be a photographer or videographer start taking pictures or videos of things that interest you. Start hitting people up to see if they want to do a photoshoot and take any opportunities that comes your way,” said Abreu. 

When it comes to being a local creator and being in the community, Abreu has nothing but appreciation. Citing that because of where he is from, he is ready for any challenge. 

“It’s a good feeling to be here and contributing to the community because these three years of my career I went through a lot but I didn’t let anything stop me and I went harder instead. At the end of the day you are either your own enemy or your own motivation so your future depends on you,” said Abreu. 

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