The 570 Blog Showcase - Kross Irwin / Artist

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Kross Irwin / Artist

Influenced by every music genre, local hip hop artist Kross Irwin is someone who is looking to put his mark on the local music scene. Irwin describes himself as someone who puts his whole effort into his music. Someone who really wants to show his talent and get exposure. Each song he writes has his own unique sound in it, which he says he believes really helps to make him stand out. Coming out of Renovo, PA, Irwin produces, engineers, mixes and masters almost all of his music with a few exceptions. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to get into then music scene, Irwin is doing it in an area where hip hop and rap are not the main musical attractions.

“Most small towns are focused on country music, so being an artist of a completely different genre takes a little more work,” said Irwin. 

On top of the daunting task of creating his own music, Irwin also has to produce it and mix it. Having limited studios can often lead to artists needing to produce their music at home, or travel to another studio out of town for creating their music. Irwin is no different in that regard, and he notes that that has been an obstacle he has had to battle since becoming a musician. 

“There aren’t many large or well-known studios or venues really around, so you either need to travel a lot or build from the ground up to get that quality,” said Irwin. 

He has chosen the latter most times. Deciding to produce music himself without the costly expense of studios, something most local artists are forced to do. But Irwin also believes that there is potential in the 570 for music. He shared how he believes this area can be more accepting of all music. 

“We need more love for all music, not just a select few genres. Once you get people to hear new sounds, their minds can be opened to just how diverse music can be,” said Irwin.

With that mentality, our area may even find room for a studio in the future. 

While still trying to branch out on the local music scene, Irwin still has hopes and dreams that he hope to accomplish one day. But the future is something he says can wait, and instead he chooses to focus on the here and now. 

“I tend to live in the moment, so thinking into the future isn’t too easy. I just know I want to push better material, meet new people, and really raise the bar in all areas from the music to some videos. Making and performing music full-time is my goal,” said Irwin. 

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"Everything is in your head. Free your mind to free your creativity." 

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