The 570 Blog Showcase - LA Canete / LAPRINTS

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The 570 Blog Showcase - LA Canete / LAPRINTS

LAPRINTS. The fastest growing media and production agency owned by LA Canete is here. Known for working with the best in the industry, the company was originally one of those VSCO art accounts. Now, LAPRINTS produces content for the most influential artists in the PA scene and has even bigger projects coming across the nation.

I met LA in Brooklyn, New York for a show in July of 2019. At the time, I was focused on my own thing with the music and had just gotten my feet wet within the industry. Eventually, after meeting LA I decided to reach out to him on Instagram. LA hopped on a phone call with me and finally learned about me as a person/artist. This is when he found out I had the same work ethic as him. We were planning to do a music video shoot for my project at the time, but I decided to focus on my upcoming brand (Mod570). 

At the same time, LA was rebranding LAPRINTS and wanted to work with upcoming brands and artists. It was then when I brought up Mod570 to him. LA and I became close with our work and he started to see the potential in me. We did another photoshoot and I met Tyler Baughman, McKenzie Henry and Julee Schuetz. We had drinks after the shoot and talked about life in general, our goals and where we wanted to be in the following years. At that point, we solidified being business partners. 

LAPRINTS has been working with influential celebrities, brands and artists such as Antonio Brown, Coco Blake, Free Press, Rello, Sprite Lee, WhoIsRodney, Euey, 3onaWav, Mod570, Arden, Vintage by Vazquez and more. This is only the beginning. 

Mod570 sat down with LA for an interview to talk about his business.

  • Who are you and what is your business about?
    • "I am Lheandrew LA' Canete, the founder of LAPRINTS Agency and Prod. Co that develops original content to provide audiences with powerful entertainment. Our circle of creatives is rooted in branded content film, digital, and post production."
  • How long have you been in business?
    • "I started photography early stage in my high school and the team was built years after and we now have been running productions for 3 years."
  • What’s it like to run your own business?
    • "Running my own business is the epiphany of taking care of my own baby. The idea that I get to wake up and spend time doing work to bring the best quality product for every creative I get to work with is an honor. One thing I love about working in the film, tv, fashion and music is nothing is always the same. Every day is different." 
  • How did things start? Were there any key factors in your start up and what were they?
    • "LAPRINTS started as one of those, VSCO art account, but the power of new technology and social media is what helped refine the company to what it is now. Being able to put out our creative work resulted our own audience building professional services."
  • If you had one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would that be?
    • "I wish to have changed a lot of things, but I can't do much of that but appreciate the situation did happen. It brought me to who I am and what LAPRINTS needed to be. All of my experiences in tv and editorial productions were added knowledge to know exactly what our company would need." 
  • What advice would you give to people who want to chase their dreams and become an entrepreneur? 
    • "Do what you want and do not be afraid for the challenges. Keep moving forward." 

I am excited to announce that Mod570 will be releasing fashion films, documentaries and more with LAPRINTS and the film/music industry. 

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  • Tyler Baughman

    Love come up stories. Was blessed to meet LA 3 years ago and he was grinding harder than ever back then and now we get to see some of the success coming out of it! Keep inspiring people to live out their dreams!

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