The 570 Blog Showcase - Tyler Vaupel / LiveFromTheGazebo

The 570 Blog Showcase - Tyler Vaupel / LiveFromTheGazebo

By Jordan Slobodinsky

The blog showcases at Mod570 are meant to give a voice to upcoming entrepreneurs and business owners. Most of our showcases are the voice that these people need, and we take great pride in that. However we are not the only ones that are a voice for the modern day creator. Tyler Vaupel is the founder of Live From the Gazebo, a platform that showcases the most impactful and innovative people. Starting as just a simple podcast that Vaupel did with his cousin, they then jumped to speaking with a lot of talented people in the Harrisburg area. 

“Launching the platform has also afforded me the opportunity to connect with and collaborate with some amazingly talented people. I am now expanding into photography, videography, live streaming, blogging, event hosting, journalism, activism and more,” said Vaupel. 

In an effort to leave a lasting impact on listeners, Vaupel tries to introduce a myriad of different talents. He says he wants that impact to stick with his listeners even after the show. Vaupel doesn’t mind if it something he said, or that one of his guests said, he just wants to brighten someone’s day. 

How long have you been in business?

“The first episode was recorded in the summer of 2019. Over 20 full episodes have been released on YouTube, Spotify, and everywhere else podcasts are found,” said Vaupel. 

A huge factor for Vaupel, is that this all began as a hobby. A very humble beginning that Vaupel says he has treated like a business since day one. Aspirations of the podcast one day becoming a career is something Vaupel says he often thought about. 

“I enjoy the freedom and creative control that I have when it comes to publishing content and one of my goals is to always do what makes me happy through my career and business. I hope to one day run my own business that makes a positive difference in the lives of people, whether it be through this platform or not."  

But getting to be a well known podcast is not something you do overnight. Vaupel did not have the luxury of major celebrities being the namesake of the show, instead trying to focus on local talent. Branding is key to the success of anything, and Vaupel says that it is something he continues to work on. 

“I always try to accompany our marketing material with the signature Gazebo green and wooden logo. It accompanies almost everything I publish and it has become a recognizable stamp of the brand. I am in the middle of restructuring the brand to include my own personal skills and offerings, as well as the already published content,” said Vaupel. The goal is to have ‘Tyler Vaupel’ and ‘Live From The Gazebo’ become synonymous terms.

The vision for his new show goes beyond just the Harrisburg area though. Vaupel says that experiencing new places with talent is just as important as showing locals talent. The entrepreneur mindset calls for creators like Vaupel to continue looking for ways to grow and improve. In the future Vaupel says he now only wants to upgrade his physical equipment but also have the show become the forefront of culture, innovation and positive impact. 

If you had one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would that be?

“I wish that I knew I could have started something like this sooner. I got to a point in my life where I felt I needed to try something new and go outside my comfort zone. By forcing myself to get out of that mold, I am just now realizing how much I was missing out on. Building this brand has led me to people, places, and experiences that I would have never been a part of otherwise.”

What advice/tips do you have for upcoming entrepreneurs?

"My advice would be to never sacrifice your happiness for anything. It is easier said than done, but compromising your joy is one of the most detrimental things you can do to yourself. Do not be afraid to dedicate your time, money, and energy on things that fulfill you, even if others do not share that same passion. Also know that building genuine interpersonal relationships is one of the most vital aspects to living a happy life. Not only romantic relationships, but having people in your life as acquaintances, mentors, and associates is sometimes much more important than being someone's 'friend'. My last piece of advice is to never settle and continue to always learn. And always remember that some people are so poor that all they have is money."

Vaupel is also proud of the ability to contribute to local communities. He has not forgotten how the show started or who his initial interviews were with. 

What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the community?

“Through my professional career, I have also been dedicated to improving the quality of life in my community. I have deep roots within Steelton and the Harrisburg area, so I am working to create positive changes in my hometown through my job as a grant writer for the Borough of Steelton. Through my work, I am bringing in much needed funding for a small, poverty-stricken town that is struggling to stay afloat,” said Vaupel. “I am also working with my friend Weston Gehman to launch Chairs2Stairs, a non-profit that will provide financial assistance to individuals and businesses looking to make their living spaces and facilities handicap-accessible/ADA compliant. Weston was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a debilitating disease that has left him in a wheelchair since he was born. Working with him to launch Chairs2Stairs has been one of the most rewarding projects that I ever been involved with.”

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