The 570 Blog Showcase - Mckenna Joy / Model

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Mckenna Joy / Model

Being creative is a flexible term to the say the least. You can be creative with sound, sight, taste, literature and even business. But as humans, using our looks and body is uniquely us. Modeling is an incredibly difficult profession to follow, and one that involves a lot of hard work. NYC based model Mckenna Joy has signed for shoots all over the world and embraces the challenge that comes with both being a model and a creator. 

“To be a creator means to make art and explore your own artistic abilities,” said Joy. “Honestly I have just loved to always be in front of the camera. Exploring what poses I can do and [what] images I can create.”

Modeling is one of the industries in this world where you are exposed. The image you put out is just that, you. Criticism comes when people have time to stare at a picture of you and point out any flaws that they can find. Joy says she has experienced such criticism and chooses to continue creating despite the negativity. 

“People criticizing your work is a difficult part of being a creator. [Despite that] I hope to still be creating as I do today and continue being inspired,” said Joy. 

What has modeling been like?

“My experience with modeling has been a whirlwind because at the beginning I was told ‘no’ a ton, which is what you always hear in these types of stories/articles. I kept trying and didn’t let what people said get to me, which has allowed me to get where I am in this industry,” said Joy. 

Where she is in the industry is especially impressive. Joy is signed on modeling contracts in New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, Florida and Turkey. Though only some of her contract is exclusive, she embraces any role that allows her to create. Even though she loves what she does, she admits that there are challenges. 

“I have had some very amazing photo shoots and I’ve had some very frustrating photo shoots In the end everything is an experience and you learn from every experience, only to make your next experiences better,” said Joy. 

What are some goals that you have set for yourself?

Three of my really big goals for this year are to be in a well-known magazine, have my work in a gallery, and to be in a music video. Some of my previous goals I have accomplished were to get signed in New York City, have a photo in publication, get signed internationally and to walk NYC fashion week,” said Joy.

Joy has already traveled to several North American cities and some middle-eastern countries, which has motivated her to complete new goals. Despite having accomplished so much in the industry already, Joy is eager to continue her creative journey. 

“I’m excited to see the new places I will go and be able to further my career,” said Joy. 

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