The 570 Blog Showcase - Nicky The Jet / Artist

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Nicky The Jet / Artist

Nicky the Jet is a singer/songwriter from Harrisburg, PA. He has two studio albums out and 3 EPs. Here at Mod570 we have talked to plenty of creators and artists, but Nicky is one that especially interests us, and we think will interest you. Many of our focuses have been on artists that are recording through their own setups, but with dedication and hard work Nicky the Jet is on the rise. 

  • What does it mean to you to be a creator? It certainly is not a 9-5 gig, and it is tireless work.

  • “To me, being a creator means being a light in the dark for someone else. Mostly everything I create carries a deeper message or insight for somebody going through a tough time. I want people to feel like they are not alone, that’s why I create,” said Nicky. 

    Surely we can all relate to this. We all want to inspire people in some way, and music is an excellent way to do that. With this perspective, Nicky can feed into his passion while thinking of helping others. 

  • What inspired you to be a creator? A lot of people want to be creative, but end up following a less creative path. Theres is nothing wrong with that, but creators have a different mindset, and what brought you to that mindset?

  • “When I was a sophomore in college I went through a severe depression.  At the time I was only making beats, but I needed a way to get my emotions out so I could feel better.  That’s when I made my first song using my vocals, and I’ve never looked back since.  That was in 2014-2015,” said Nicky. 

    Stop me if you have heard this before, but life is difficult. We all face our own struggles and we each wake up every day to fight our own battles. Depression affects millions of people, but how we choose to deal with it is something entirely different. We here at Mod570 believe in conquering doubt and succeeding with our passions, Nicky is a great example of this mindset. 

  • What do you find difficult about doing music? What aspects?/What do you think could change that?

  • “I think the hardest part about music is fighting your own inner criticisms.  Me personally, I can be super hard on myself and this has definitely led to unfinished songs that could’ve been “the one”, as they say.  It’s difficult but it’s something I worked on and continue to work on everyday,” said Nick. ”Also, understanding the fact that everybody has mental blocks and it’s something we just can’t fix. A good method that works for me when I’m going through a mental block is to research. Learning more is the key to moving forward, in my opinion.”

    Of course like all people, it is important to have a goal. While being a creator can be great in the beginning, there is always the long term to think about. Producer, artist, tech-maintenance and the list goes on and on. Finding your passion does not glue you to a single position, and Nicky is someone who embodies that. Truly believing that he is not meant for just one thing in this world. 

  • What is your vision for the future? Making it big, keeping it small? Or just trying to create something people can enjoy?

  • “In the future I see myself still creating on a daily basis. I see myself owning a studio and helping young talent grow to their full potential.  At the end of the day I want to be the person I always needed but never had. Somebody to guide, teach, and build young minds for a better more aware future. We as humans are truly capable of anything, it’s all up to if you really want it or not,” said Nick.

    Links to Nicky The Jet’s social media can be found below. Follow his journey of being a creative.

    Quote on creativity:

    "Life’s too short to be vanilla and go by the book.  Be creative and find what sets you apart from the rest, no two humans are exactly the same."

    TikTok: jetboyy 

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      This was a great article! Nicky is an amazing talent! I can’t wait to see what he has for us in the future. Thank you for sharing this remarkable talent with all of us!

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