The 570 Blog Showcase - Ryan Thompson / Last Resort Restoration

The 570 Blog Showcase - Ryan Thompson / Last Resort Restoration

Here at Mod570 we have put an emphasis on the business owner and the creator. While we cannot commend these people enough for their work, we also have a dedication to the fitness world. Even our prototype clothing line is perfect for the modern fitness enthusiast. Though the fitness field always needs trainers and rehab specialists. This brings us to Ryan Thompson and his business, Last Resort Restorations & Fitness. 

“I have been heavily involved with sports, fitness & movement rehab collectively over the last 10 [plus] years, starting my journey in 2010 when I started at Lock Haven University. I was involved with a Strength & Conditioning internship with the D1 football program at UConn and working at various gyms in PA continuing to grow my knowledge. My approach to movement, fitness & working with athletes was elevated greatly when I was introduced to Square1 at the end of 2017,” said Thompson. 

Every business needs a purpose, and Thompson found it easy to discover what his business’s purpose was. Because of his interest in athletics and rehabilitation, he  wants to share that knowledge with others. Thompson says that the main focus for him is to help athletes reach their full potential. Helping to understand the difference between safe and unsafe positions and become aware of how they move. 

“[And] ultimately learn how to conduct themselves in the weight room safely on their own. This is not a hold your hand walkthrough program, I’ll be a guide and teach as you grow in independence. Clients will take what they learn and apply it to the weight room, sport and life. Square1 is a big part of my gym, it is a neurological approach to improving how we move." 

Since opening in January 2021, Thompson has devised two packages for his customers. He offers Square 1, a three session package that helps athletes with movement or pain problems. The second package is the Square1+, adding lifting to the program. Thompson says that both packages focus on the nervous system, helping to heal an athlete while making them stronger. 

Why did you decide to start a business?

“I love running my own business! It gives me the freedom to organize my lifting program exactly how I want. The best part of running my business is watching the progress. Most clients are shy at first but when they get more familiar with the lifts and grow in strength they also grow in confidence. It’s a day and night difference and I’m excited to be apart of that,” said Thompson

When starting his business, Thompson found a great interest in making quality branding. Citing that he wanted his business’s brand to represent athletes getting the most out of his efforts. Thompson says that when helping people recover from pain, he wants them to know that he will work with them to achieve their goals. 

“I want people to know that if they are in pain they don’t have to live like that, a pain free life is achievable."

What kind of goals do you have set as an entrepreneur?

“My goal is to be the ‘go-to’ place for athletes to weight train, understand how to move and apply it to lifting and their sport. I want to be a saving grace for people who have exhausted all options to solve their movement problem, for example that back pain that never went away after ‘X’ happened. Using Square1, I have and will continue to help people with these problems that seem unsolvable. It’s a huge goal of mine to help anyone improve with lasting results,” said Thompson. 

In the field Thompson is in, athletes are usually trying to recover and improve themselves. Some may even be in delicate mental states as they begin the rehab journey, and Thompson says that he has learned how to properly communicate with the athletes. Thompson cited that he does not want to overwhelm people with information and instead wants to get directly to the point, so that he does not overload information. 

Were there any key factors or people that lead to your success?

“I have 5 people I look up to as mentors;  my dad Jimmy Thompson, one of my high school wrestling Coaches Joe Scioli, one of my college boxing Coaches Bill Wrable, Coach Matt Balis who I worked under at UConn and Shawn Sherman developer of Square1. All of these men have guided & influenced me in these ways; life lessons, sports, coaching, problem solving, work ethic, lifting and applying all of the above life situations."

What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs? 

“My advice to new or young entrepreneurs is be patient, It takes time to build a reputation and an audience. Don’t chase clients, it’s great to reach out and get attention to what you’re doing! Just remember you can’t force anyone to buy what you’re doing. People will find you."

Contact information for Ryan / Last Resort Restoration is below:

Phone: 631-905-7817



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