The 570 Blog Showcase - Shed Talk / Tony Maletestinic / Entrepreneur

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Shed Talk / Tony Maletestinic / Entrepreneur

In recent years, podcasts have become a very popular method of communication. Whether its for news, entertainment or simply a way to listen to a radio show without commercials. Personally, I listen to NPR - First Up and The Herd with Colin Cowherd every single day. While it may not be the most ordinary form of creativity, there are a myriad of topics that can be discussed on podcasts. This brings us to todays featured creator, Anthony Maletestinic and his podcast Shed Talk

“Shed Talk touches on a variety of topics; such as mental health [and] entertainment. It features guests that relate to the topic at hand.  Our guests come from a variety of different backgrounds so that everyone has an opportunity to express themselves and discuss important topics that we feel strongly about,’ said Maletestinic. 

Beginning just under a year ago in Feb. 2020, Shed Talk is recorded in an actual shed in Maletestinic’s backyard. He says that this form of creativity is key in developing passion. Being able to speak freely in front of a microphone, with or without a script, is something our society has used since its inception. From the dawn of the radio, words have found powerful meaning from those people behind the microphone. Maletestinic has found a way to create a business from his words. 

  • What’s it like to run your own business? Especially one where you can use your words?
  • “I feel that Shed Talk has given me an opportunity to do something I’m passionate about; networking as well as learning about how other people feel about important topics without being afraid of who they are.” said Maletestinic. 

    Maletestinic says that he recieved help along the way, including a sponsorship from previously featured creator Jaycee Homsher. He even enlisted the help of a producer, Neil Muro, to assist with his show. With the help of these two, and his former co-host Napier Monroe, Maletestinic has been able to bring Shed Talk up from the ground. 

  • Were there any key factors in your start up? What were they?
  • “For many months before starting Shed Talk, a few of my close friends and I always discussed coming up with a way to express ourselves instead of posting on social media.  As we progressed, two of us rolled with the idea of a podcast being a way for people to listen in on what we think are reliable topics to everyday life; personal and professional. Shed Talk wouldn’t have happened without the help of them,” said Maletestinic. 

    Like any business owner, it is impossible to know everything from the start. As someone who comes from a communications background, I can tell you that news agencies and proper radio shows/podcasts do not look as easy as it seems. There is selecting topics, writing scripts, recording, editing and a myriad of other things that factor into these kinds of gigs. While Maletestinic chooses to record without a script, he still comes to recording sessions with the right mindset. 

  • If you had one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would that be?
  • “Preparation is key to creating a podcast. A podcast is something that is never supposed to be scripted because it’s a freestyled dialogue around the topics discussed; but having ideas, questions and thoughts prepared creates the backbone of the episodes,” said Maletestinic. “Never lose sight of why you do, what you do.  Sometimes as creatives we get caught up in the idea of becoming rich, famous and comparing ourselves to others.  It’s so important to stay grounded, never allow yourself to compare to others and be yourself. I was always taught if you love what you do it’ll never be a job, and Shed Talk will never be that for me.”

    Finding a passion is never easy. It seems that we all find a passion at some point, but Maletestinic seems to have found a way to put the passion to good use. By talking about the topics that invoke free-from thinking, Shed Talk at its core is helping listeners who want to hear about certain topics. 

  • What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the community?
  • “It means a lot to me that people enjoy listening to Shed Talk. Starting something from the ground up is so rewarding, especially when it's something you enjoy doing.  Shed Talk was created so that everyone has a way to express themselves in a way that connects us all to the important things in life; being yourself and not being afraid to show that,” said Maletestinic. 

    You can check out Shed Talk at the links below. 

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