The 570 Blog Showcase - Tanner Hench / THMedia / Videographer

The 570 Blog Showcase - Tanner Hench / THMedia / Videographer

The world of photography and videography takes a particular type of person. You have to be able to see things from every angle and have an eye for what looks good. Independent freelancer Tanner Hench is one of those talented individuals. Specializing in the music industry, Hench gets to document the story of other artists. Thanks to his work he puts an emphasis on his branding as a photographer/videographer as a top priority. 

“I’ve been making music videos for a little over three years now and shooting pictures for about five years. I have recently made it to the point in early 2021 where I have transitioned into videography and photography full time,” said Hench.

Starting his own independent venture into this kind of field was not easy for Hench. He referenced communication as a huge key to his success. Hench attributes his brand growth to communication with clients that allowed them both to create something new. While admitting that he sometimes struggles with communication, Hench is still committed to making great content no matter what. 

How important is branding to you?

“I think branding is one of the most important parts about trying to gain a following or make a living off of anything creative. One of the biggest things for me is just making my socials aesthetically pleasing, whether that be the flow of my instagram feed or the thumbnails on my youtube videos."

While currently working independently with up and coming clients, he wants to expand his reach. Currently he says he has no immediate plans for the future, but would love to work with a major artist at some point. 

Why did you choose a field like this?

“I feel like whenever I started videography I just saw other people that did videos and thought to myself that I could do that or that I could do it better.  After I got started I realized how difficult it actually was but with me being the perfectionist I am I feel like I can always bring something different to the table."

Along with that passion, Hench also knew from a very young age he wanted to get into videography and photography. After completing just his third music video for a client, Hench decided to turn it into a living. The local scene was where he started, and he loves that. 

“I think locally the market for music videos has shot up recently and I feel honored that so many people trust me enough with their vision to actually pay me to bring that vision to life."

What is something you wish you knew when you started this journey?

“I'm sure there’s something I wish I knew when I first started but I kind of like how I just started from scratch knowing virtually nothing and then built up from there, that was always pretty cool to me. The main directors I look up to that have inspired me the most with their videos have been Nicholas Jandora, Cole Bennett, Kristian Bennese and Sam Mcgrath for sure."

While he loves what he does, Hench says he has to sacrifice the majority of his time to do what he loves. With only just seeing initial success, Hench says he is hopeful that it will continue to go well for him. Hench states that he doesn’t even realize he is an entrepreneur because he loves what he does. He didn't think even think of it like that. 

“The whole entrepreneur thing is still kind of funny to me and definitely a cliché term in my opinion. My one friend called me an entrepreneur late in 2020 and I was like, I guess that is what I am, I never even thought about it that way,” said Hench.

What does it mean for you to be here contributing?

"It means a lot to be contributing and working within the community I’m in, I’ve always been a huge fan of rap and hip-hop and for people around the city just to know and respect me because of music videos, there’s nothing cooler to me than that."

"You can find me on Instagram with the handles; @TannerHench, @TH.Media_ and if you’re curious @THFingerboarding. My Youtube’s are under “TH Media” and that has the majority of the music videos I’ve shot and “Tanner Hench”, that one just has a bunch of skate videos that are a little older but there is some recent ones too. Thank y’all for reading and be on the lookout for lots of new content coming soon."

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