The 570 Blog Showcase - Ted Veillard / Ville Clothing / Entrepreneur

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The 570 Blog Showcase - Ted Veillard / Ville Clothing / Entrepreneur

By Jordan Slobodinsky

Fashion is a huge part of our society today. Music artists, businesses and even tech companies all try to develop some kind of clothing to help with marketing. Here at Mod570 we have our prototype line that just launched and we have also featured business owners who sell clothing on our blogs. Today we are proud to introduce Ville clothing, produced and owned by Ted Veillard in Harrisburg PA. 

“I moved around a few times till I came to Harrisburg. All the moves and living in different places made me who I am today. I got the idea for Ville freshman sophomore year [of high school],” said Veillard. 

In French Ville means ‘city’ which coincides with Ted’s Haitian background and even his last name. Having not gone to college, Veillard hopes to make his clothing line the future of his professional career. Currently he sells exclusive items from the brand on Etsy, but he continues to work hard and he envisions selling and reaching people on multiple platforms one day. 

“Good things take time and I think it's important to put a lot of thought and work into something in the beginning if you want it to be big."

When you started out, what were some things you noticed about creating and selling clothing?

Running something you know is yours makes you feel good. Doing something you love will never feel like work if you have fun with the process,” said Veillard. “Branding is important to me because I always have new ideas & with a brand that just means a lot of different collections that are switched up so that there’s something for everybody.”

Veillard says he works on his brand everyday, no matter how much he can accomplish. Keeping organized is something he says is key for the success and future of Ville. 

What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you started?

”Don't rush it. I don’t look to anyone for mentorship but my environments & life experiences influence me. Being in different places with different people makes you open minded if you let yourself be and I think that’s important in life."

Veillard also has advice for other young creators. He cites that self-confidence and belief in one’s self is key to success. Even though there may be things that discourage you, Veillard says he believes those struggles make you who you are. 

What does it mean for you to be here in the community?

“It shows people anyone can take their ideas to a higher place. I wanna show people dealing with things that don’t meet the surface that other people have been through them too & that you shouldn’t let it stop you."

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