The 570 Blog - The Texas Restaurant / Phil Anastos

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The 570 Blog - The Texas Restaurant / Phil Anastos

Located in the heart of downtown Lock Haven, there is one diner that every one will know of. The place where you can get an amazing hot dog and one of the best breakfast’s in the 570. The Texas, a 1950’s style diner that has brought this writer some really good memories. I can remember my senior year of high school, those of us on the varsity football team would go in for an early breakfast on gamedays. This diner is something that is a base part of living in the 570.

“The Texas has been here 102 years. In our family since 1961. I took over in 1991. Located in the same spot. I would assume it's the longest business in the downtown area of Lock Haven,” said owner Phil Anastos

Being the biggest name in downtown dining, can be a lot to live up to. Supplying kitchens and being known for great breakfast and dinner food, it’s all part of the job for Anastos. He says he loves being in the restaurant business. 

“It's great to run your own business. You see all the ups and downs and you figure out what works and what doesn't,” said Anastos. 

Anastos also offered his own advice when trying to open and maintain a business. 

“My advice for future entrepreneurs, go for it. If you have an idea put your time and energy into it. Always pay attention to everything and listen to advice from people that are already in business. I didn't start my business it was already successful but over the years I had to make adjustments to the times and economy that has kept it going. We are very community minded and stay involved trying to help the downtown area be successful.”

"I am grateful to know the Anastos family, having been growing up with Peter and becoming close as we grew older. Now Peter and I both collaborate on music together," Arden said. The experience at the Texas is great and they take care of their customers, providing them with that nostalgic feel of a classic diner in a modern time. Serving great breakfast, lunch and dinner all at an affordable price. 

The restaurant offers a variety of breakfast style food such as omelettes, pancakes, waffles, home-fries and more. They are well known for their growler dog. A hot dog with chili sauce and onions. Having a variety of options to choose from is what makes the Texas stand out.

You can visit the Texas Lunch in downtown Lock Haven, especially to try the famous growler dog. 

Thanks to Phil for sharing his experience and insight on business. Make sure to stop at the Texas restaurant when passing through Lock Haven, PA. You won't be disappointed. 


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  • Karen

    Great food but most importantly…great people!

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