The 570 Blogs - Marpoe / Creative Director / Multi-Media Artist

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The 570 Blogs - Marpoe / Creative Director / Multi-Media Artist

In the modern era, being a creator can mean many things. Whether we are talking about business/entrepreneurial adventures or those of creative people, creators often do more than one job. We can see this in something like a movie where one person may be the producer but they may also be the director or lead in the film. To that end there are plenty of multi-talented creators in the area. Alex Marpoe is a director/multi-media artist who has been creating for thirteen years. 

“I started as a graphics designer then worked my way towards producing, filming, photography, styling, collecting [and] writing. I do a lot of things,” said Marpoe. 

Like most creators, Marpoe has faced criticism. Though Marpoe says this has never impacted the desire to create, rather it has inspired some work. Using the negativity as a force to create a given project. 

“Most of my existence as an artist/creative director I’ve been helping other companies/brands but right now I’m at where I feel like I belong. My home with blv/mastery, where I’m allowed creative freedom to be myself and work on whatever projects I want,” said Marpoe. 

What is one piece of advice you wish you would have known when starting out?

“One thing I would really of let my younger self know is don’t limit yourself.. I would of told myself get as much knowledge now while you can and expand your interests,” said Marpoe.

Perhaps in graphic design and multi-media is where we can notice a lot of multi-talented individuals. At any given time for a project Marpoe has to be prepared. Knowing what kind of cameras to use and at what angle, while also being able to film and photograph then edit. Though learning to do it all has allowed Marpoe to get into somewhat of a rhythm and not feel like original content isn’t being produced. 

What advice do you have for aspiring creators?

“One thing I would tell upcoming artists and entrepreneurs is [to] be yourself. Don’t watch me or somebody else and copy a format you like. You got to at least flip the formula or you’ll just be a copy and nobody will really take you serious outside of this city, and even in the city you probably won’t last very long,” said Marpoe. 

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