The Abundant Chiro - Abundant Chiropractic of Philadelphia, PA

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The Abundant Chiro - Abundant Chiropractic of Philadelphia, PA

The human body is something that's unique to each and everyone of us. Some of us are tall, some of us are short, and some of us need glasses. One thing we all tend to deal with in our lives is physical & emotional pain, especially those of skeletal issues. That's why at Abundant Chiropractic, they strive for more than just simple care for patients. 

“We know that true health starts from within, and no barriers should be placed on it. Understanding that every person was designed uniquely, we utilize principled chiropractic to empower you to live a life full of abundance and to help you function at 100% of your fullest God- given potential.”

A small family business in the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia, Founders Dr. Alex Rubin and Business Executive Chynna Rubin work with patients to create care plans specially suited for them. A graduate of Penn State University and Life University, Dr. Alex is an experienced Chiropractor who can provide specific care to each person's needs. 

“Our life mission is to provide high quality chiropractic care to the community. We hope to inspire people” 

Beginning their venture into business just over four years ago, the mission was to help all people from all walks of life. As a group that focuses on healing, the mission was simple: reconnect people and help them grow into someone who can comfortably function at 100%. The clientele helps with this experience. Abundant stated that they see a myriad of patients come through. From pregnant women, to families and even athletes, Abundant is able to touch the lives of many people. 

“Affordable family chiropractic care is the heart and center of our Northern Liberties Philadelphia based practice. We have spent our lives training around the world in order to provide life changing chiropractic care to the masses. Chiropractic care is not only a profession or service, it is our tool to help re- connect the world to its source. Our hope is that the future may continue to grow and thrive with the human potential functioning optimally at 100%.”

  • How does your business help your customers / others?

We hope to inspire people to take their family’s health into their own hands and embrace the preventative health care model of chiropractic. It can not only bring about healing from any current health issues, but it will also bring about optimal body function and ideal health and wellness for years to come. 

As a small practice, Abundant sees a high volume for their size. Whether it’s an individual person or a family that walks through the door in search of help - Abundant Chiropractic offers flexible packages custom to everyone’s needs. Regardless of the size of clientele, Abundant takes great pride in their Philadelphia community and the work they do; also to note they’re the only chiropractic office in Philadelphia, PA that offers memberships and takes care of children for free. 

“As a healer for the masses of people it is our responsibility to help people find balance in all the chaos of the day to day.”

The vision for Abundant began after the unfortunate murder of the groups Grandmother. After the fact, the decision was made that the cruel situation would not keep the Abundant family from reaching their dreams. Despite the loss of a loved one, the team found this to be a motivation to open a healing center, to not let pain win. 

  • Were there any key factors in your start up and what were they?

“We opened our doors before we had any signage and only one chiropractic table. Each day we focused on bringing in new patients, networking with local businesses and delivering beautiful pure hands on chiropractic adjustments.”

The healing for Abundant goes beyond their Chiropractic work. Over the years, they have donated to other businesses and attended local business ventures/events. They also did a back to school drive with a local church, set up a collection for the SPCA and sponsored the Kensington High School Football team.

“We are so grateful to be a part of this community and can’t wait to keep making the world a better place. We are not just a business but a family to everyone who walks through our door. We are here to give, do, love and serve, out of our own abundance. We are blessed to have created a safe haven for everyone.”

From helping run multiple chiropractic care to third world nations, helping teach and inspire chiropractic students to set them up for success as well as their home base operations in Philadelphia, PA - Abundant Chiropractic is proving that their care and mission of healing others is working in the world today one patient at a time. 

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