The Duke - ServiceNow Expert & Coach

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The Duke - ServiceNow Expert & Coach

In the ever changing world of technology, the pace never slows down. Whether it is implementing technology into your business strategy, or using it create a product, the possibilities are abundant. Robert Fedoruk, AKA “The Duke” for content creation purposes, uses that technology to empower himself as well as teach others the same lessons. 

Introducing Robert Fedoruk to the 570 Blog Showcase.

Who are you and what is your business / brand about?

"My brand is entertaining and empowering people in the ServiceNow technology ecosystem.  That brand has evolved over the years from simply talking about what I like, and ranting about what I don’t, to a more focused effort to help people trying to launch their ServiceNow careers."

Fedoruk uses a myriad of methods to help those individuals. Included in that is his podcast where he and a fried discuss various topics. Though he says that learning the editing process helped support his journey into entrepreneurism. 

What’s it like to run your own business / Podcast?

"Running a podcast is fun!  Especially when you acquire decent editing tools.  At the start each episode cost me 8 hours of editing time.  A brutal slog.  Once I discovered transcription based editing tools like Descript, editing time came down to about an hour.  So, 2 hours a week talking to my best friend, Cory, about a topic I love.  Do that 50 – 100 times and people start taking notice.

Running a business on the other hand is an entirely different matter.  I have thick callouses on my soul, and bad decisions that stare back at me every time I look in the mirror.  Entrepreneurship is not for the proud and inflexible, and I have been both in great measure.  Most layman entrepreneurial advice comes down to “fail fast” or “endure until you succeed”.  For my money, the first one is right.  I sacrificed much for an idea that all these years later I can only describe as blind.  Today I focus my entrepreneurial efforts on finding the efficacy fast as I can."

Like many entrepreneurs, Fedoruk didn’t immediately set out to use a podcast as his main source of output. Instead leaning into content creation on multiple platforms to reach his audience. 

Explain how you got into ServiceNow, what that journey has been like, how you started creating content, your passion for it and the scalability aspect you mentioned.

"My journey has been equal parts intentional and fateful. I didn’t have a plan at the start beyond “I like to talk about ServiceNow, and people keep asking me to”. I started creating content believing it a good way to “get my name out there”. A podcast, a Youtube channel, and thousands of interactions on ServiceNow community, linkedin, twitter and elsewhere, and I now feel I can actually make something out of it.

Back when I was a kid there was a movie called Field of Dreams, with Kevin Costner.  In it, main character Ray Kinsella keeps hearing voices in his corn field: “If you build it, they will come”. That’s kind of what happened. The muse moved so powerfully and I couldn’t resist making ServiceNow content. Now, years later, I have an audience and a visibility from which I can decide the next part of my brand journey."

Despite setbacks, Fedoruk rallied his ideas and plans. Turning his content creation into the business model that would help reach his vision. 

How long have you been in business / running your personal brand?

"Well this is interesting because my brand and my business(es) have/are separate from each other.

I did “The Duke” character in my content creation before I had a business plan.  I tried, and failed, to build a ServiceNow Services Partner partly off the back of that brand.  Since then I’ve monetized content with sponsorship and such.  More recently I’m transforming The Duke into a coaching brand for those who want to accelerate their ServiceNow careers."

At the end of the day, the goal of a business it to make money. At the opposite end of that spectrum, Fedoruk feels that his personal experience and advice can be used to improve someone’s understanding of how to run their business. Additionally, he shows other how to simplify what can often be a confusing market. 

What is your mission & vision for the podcast and for the coaching brand?

"The mission for my personal brand was always….

  • Try to help people grow in their ServiceNow careers.
  • Cut through the layers of confusing business marketing talk.
  • Be no-one’s stooge. Leverage my experience to give authentic and unapologetic commentary.
  • Make the content I would want to watch."

So what’s the main point in all this you may ask, sure its great to help people improve with technology, but whats the endgame? With the tools Fedoruk is providing, individuals are able to produce better business skills and analyze what their situations need. 

What does your brand specialize in?

"Raising the game of people in the ServiceNow world. From ServiceNow fundamentals, to better resumes and interview skills. I even help ServiceNow content creators build and refine their own personal brands."

At the start, Fedoruk admits you have to have quality. Including a deep focus on preparation and reasoning for decision-making. Finally, he knows to surround himself with the right people. 

If you had one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would that be?

1 – hard work doesn’t mean shit if you’ve got a bad idea.

2 – If you think you need business partners, think really hard as to why. If its due to fear, you’re going to pick the wrong partner.

3 – Unless your venture is completely solo-preneurial you need people. Picking the wrong people will make your life a living hell."

Even outside of his field of expertise, Fedoruk knows that business is business. On any given day, products are sold and bought, its just a matter who had the best idea, or who made the real effort to make that idea a service/product. 

What advice/tips do you have for upcoming entrepeneurs?

"Really, really, REALLY understand what you are trying to sell.

It's more important to have prospects marinate in the pain of not having your service/product, than it is for them to see “cool features”.

Absolutely NOBODY is going to do this for you. Especially in the ServiceNow ecosystem I’ve seen dozens (hundreds?) of services start ups think the business will come in by simply asking other partner organizations to 'give us some clients'."

The ServiceNow industry was not always his plan. Though now that he is here, Feedoruk admits that its something he can’t, and doesn’t want to get away from. Truly finding a passion for something. 

Why start this business / brand in the ServiceNow industry? What does it mean for you to be here and contributing to the community. 

"I started this brand because I had to. There’s a muse that whispers to me that I can’t ignore.  

I honest to goodness wish I was built different. I wish it came down to careful planning and consideration, but in the end I just have this… obsession.

Back to one reason for it all though, empowering others. Technology can change how people apply themselves daily, and the ideas we that are garnered can make the next venture even more enticing."

What do you like most about being in the ServiceNow community? 

"I’m a sucker for inception.  I love planting ideas and watching them grow, be it at customers, or with those in my coaching programs.  Ideas are powerful.  You can duplicate them and replicate them with no cost, and once transferred, they are invincible.  I love helping people become better thinkers and problem solvers and in turn create better outcomes for their own customers."

And of course, he takes pride in his work. Hoping that his mark will be that of positivity and something to look up to. 

What type of impact do you want to make in ServiceNow and in your career as a whole? 

"There are many ways to make money in this life, and some of them are even clean.

I want to leave my working life knowing that I took every opportunity to improve my customers and my tribe.  That people’s work lives were easier, more profitable, and more fulfilling because of my efforts."

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