The Mod570 Story - Featuring Arden / Founder of Mod570

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The Mod570 Story - Featuring Arden / Founder of Mod570

Small towns aren't the easiest spot to start a business. However, small towns make for the best spot to talk about business. Creating and allocating for local businesses can lead to a culture change in the area. That's what we here at Mod570 are striving for. Living in the now, and creating exposure for both local music, fashion and business while making an impact on the world outside of Lock Haven. But this didn't just come out of the blue, I had a plan and a team that helped me create my legacy.

Over the past year 2 years I have been creating and developing a plan for my dreams with Mod570. From a simple idea of fitness wear, to what is now an upcoming platform and movement behind creative innovation. All it took was believing in myself, putting in the hours of work and learning how to be the best at what I do. That’s how you grow.

I always wanted to do something big in life, but I didn’t find out what that was until my junior year of college. I remember going through the motions in school, almost failing out my first year. At that point I realized I needed to figure out what I was doing with my life. It was either fail/drop out or get my shit together and strap down on completing my bachelors degree. It took me awhile to get back on track with my GPA after my first year.

But we did the thing. I graduated, and decided to start making my dream a reality. I love my hometown, and now it's time for me to try and give back to it.

I started to become driven for doing more than just living the 9-5 work life. I saw others my age, even younger becoming entrepreneurs. It made me curious and set me on a path of my own to discover success. I started drawing up designs, reading self-improvement books and began to understand what it took to succeed. They always say if you want to be in the 1% then you have to be different than the 99%. I started changing my habits such as eating bad food, waking up late, going to bed late, not prioritizing my time right and so on.

Instead, I began to wake up early at 5 AM to go to the gym and get my workout in, come back to my apartment and read books and then proceed to go to class for the day. Working full time in school at the Bald Eagle Beer Store wasn’t an easy task but it was something that had to be done in order to live the way I was living.

I was broke and couldn’t afford much besides my rent, food and other small necessities. I didn’t know anything about investing at the time until I started teaching myself. So I invested in something important, my time. Using my time correctly put me in a mindset to succeed. I knew I was going to need to take risks, and put faith in myself, but by using time correctly, I knew I could make Mod570 a reality.

I remember at my senior business administration reception I had the chance to talk to Mr. Stephen Poorman about college and what I wanted to do afterwards. At that point I was set on going to Philadelphia, an idea that would have surely made me go broke. I mentioned to him about my music and he became interested in what I had to say, I think because he was big in the music industry during his younger years.

He offered me the advice of learning the music business and other tips during our talk. He even emailed me back and forth throughout the next year with advice on how I could get booked, what I should do with my clothing brand and overall tried to help me with the direction I was going in. This was one of the first instances of associating myself with like-minded individuals who knew how to succeed.

As I progressed through the last couple of years with the idea and vision of Mod570, it began to change as time went on. I experimented with different ideas for my business such as watches and workout plans but I knew Mod570 was always going to be the big thing I did, besides my music. I didn't want it to be ordinary, and I wanted that "570" part to really mean something about my community.

Throughout this process, I started to define my real purpose. I focused and started living life like it was my last day. My purpose being to help connect others within a community and put the ones who deserve to be put on around me to the next stage of their life.

Then 2020 happened, but instead of a setback, I saw it as an opportunity to bring people closer together. Ever since Covid happened, it has given me a chance to work on my personal goals even more.

Early 2020 I took over the beer store as general manager which gave me the time and resources to put towards Mod570. It wasn’t at this time when I put most of my energy into the brand, as I was still working on releasing new music. The music was being rushed however, I felt like I needed to put something out right away but eventually discovered that it didn’t matter when I put out my music. I discovered that it mattered if I was happy with the final product. I decided to push off the music and aim my energy towards Mod570 completely.

I finalized my research with the business model, had been meeting with my consultant Tom Keiffer for a year at this point and felt it was now or never if I wanted to make things happen. It was around this time when I met with LA, my business associate, and started working with him at LAPRINTS.

Mod570 was built for the modern creator, meaning the modern entrepreneur, artist, and influencer. We’re putting an emphasis on Lock Haven businesses because this is the root of our brand. Founded in Lock Haven, PA by Arden. However, we aren’t limited to Lock Haven. Mod570 is actually something a lot bigger, and you will come to see that as time goes on. We’re bringing the outside to Lock Haven, putting it on the map.

I'm not aiming for this to be a New York City tourist destination, but I want to be able to expose the success of people here. There are stories to tell and people to highlight. I want to put us on the map for success.

After many hours and days spent on my business and making connections, we finally found our way into the music industry with the biggest artists, brands and businesses in the PA scene.

Mod570 is growing into not only a clothing brand, but a platform. We are creating a movement behind innovative designs, film, music and lifestyle-activewear and it’s only just starting.

The blogs were the first big steps we needed to make a name for ourselves, but they are just small pieces of the bigger vision.

The long-term vision of Mod570 is to connect the community with like-minded people that want success through our clothing, film and music. Lock Haven will have an outlet to the outside world connected through Mod570.

You will feel this connection with the brand and community through our first fashion introduction film. We are making a breakthrough in the industry first in PA, and will flourish into something much bigger. For the modern creators.

All the best,



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    Looking forward to seeing your venture grow.

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