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My name is Tyler Baughman and I am an Account Executive in Business Development for UPS. As challenging as it is, on top of that I run my own reselling company. As someone who has a genuine interest in fashion, I try to focus primarily on that market.  The only thing that runs the world above fashion is hip hop and as you can tell, I am no G-Eazy. The fashion re-sell business is somewhere I can thrive and be involved with a community that I align with.

Though this has only become a huge part of my life over the last two years, I consider negotiations and sales to be something I have done throughout my whole life. It is in my blood, and it is something I love to do.  Having something of your own that pays you is a freedom that money cannot buy.  In the unpredictable world that we live in now, you need to have a fall back if anything happens to your main job. 

When you are starting something on your own it is never going to be easy or just fall in to place. You are going to have late nights and get up early the next day, but you are working towards a goal that will eventually gain you financial freedom.  Elon Musk once said “If you work 80 hours a week, you will get to your goal twice as fast as someone who is only working 40.” 

A side hustle is also not something you can copy off someone.  You really need to make it your own and you need to put the time in.  If I did not experiment with different products or platforms, I would not be where I am at today. Success is built and earned, not given and taken.    

What I wish I would have known back when I started is that patience is crucial to success. When you are looking to build an empire, you cannot build it like an upside-down triangle.  Build a pyramid so that when you are at the top, it holds the weight of all the riches you accumulated. I find myself reforming business practices that I have always used, which allow me to become more efficient by adapting.  If you take one thing away from me let it be that. 

I believe in the newsletter and what it stands for.  Even though in most entrepreneurial situations you are alone, the power behind a community and feeding off someone else’s energy is the true key to success.  The newsletter gives everyone that platform for inspiration and motivation to keep grinding and pursue your dreams. 

I would be honored if you followed me on IG @flipgameshop or on my personal @tybaughman14.  Thanks Fam! 

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