WHOISGLDN - Paint The World Gold - 002

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WHOISGLDN - Paint The World Gold - 002


By Jordan Slobodinsky

Looking up to idols is something we can all relate to. Athletes, artists, actors and a myriad of other professionals inspire people daily. All of these creators have inspired us to develop our passions. In the modern world, finding inspiration can be as simple as getting on the internet and trying a simple Google search. For music artist GLDN, that inspiration came to them easily in the form of music. 

“Music is my life. I started off as a fan of music to now becoming the musician. Whenever you feeling alone, music is always there. Music is what you can get away with,” said GLDN. 

After finding music as a passion, GLDN decided not to give up on it. Describing music as a something he dearly loves. This year, he’s taking action to continue that passion. Along with new music, GLDN intends help spread their music and work on deals to partner with other brands to grow alongside with.

“There is so much great music you can find nowadays, it is wonderful,” said GLDN. 

GLDN says artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Sade and Bob Marley really inspired their dive into the music industry. But GLDN admits that the music scene is just as interesting as always.

“I got something very special for the fans and am excited to share [with them],” said GLDN. 

Recently releasing a collaboration EP with fellow artist, Shayla Gessler, GLDN is already off to the races in 2022. With more music to come this year, GLDN is eager for the opportunity to continue working with other artists - with a show coming up on June 4th in Harrisburg, PA alongside recent Mod570 guest music artist Genre and more locals.

“[Shayla Gessler] We have been collaborating for a while now, always making some good records with each other. One day, we just decided to make a group project, and now it's here open for the world to hear,” said GLDN. 

GLDN works with the motto “Staying GLDN”, meaning honing their craft and creating the best version of the music he loves. Hoping that this message will also inspire others to chase their passions. 

Making an impact is a creative solution that GLDN provides; with intentions to spread love through his music.

“I will make an impact by painting the world gold, one person at a time. I just want to remind people to stay golden through the down times and through the good times. As long as you walk through the tunnel with faith, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel,” said GLDN. “Do not go through life, grow through life!”

Overall, GLDN's character is something that is raw, distinguished and comes with a breathe of fresh air through his music. With his catalog and features so far, GLDN is able to give his audience a distinctive experience, one that may be called the "Paint The World Gold Experience." 

This past Monday, GLDN released a single called "SUPERHUMAN" mixed by BLV Engineer / Producer Balidascientist. This work showcases his range of creation, with a heavier and more aggressive approach compared to hit song "Froze". 

Listen to SUPERHUMAN here - SUPERHUMAN - available on major platforms.

We're looking forward to GLDN's continued success. If you're located in Harrisburg, or better yet.. in Pennsylvania - make sure to come out and support the PTWGX movement with us as GLDN headlines the show with supporting acts from local rising stars. 

Tickets are only $10 at the link below, we hope to see you there!

See GLDN live at the HMAC on June 4th featuring other local artists - link below.

Paint The World Gold Experience - Event Tickets

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